EBM: Advocacy Group

This group has been created for those who want to advocate against full-scale legalization of marijuana, and for strict regulation and preventative measures in areas where this drug is already legal. The goal of this group is to work together as a team to make action-based short and long-term goals regarding marijuana policies, education, public and political awareness, regulatory practices, and other actions that will help curtail the widespread acceptance, commercialization, and normalization of marijuana.

EBM’s Advocacy group works with all legal, ethical, and moral organizations and individuals who see the red flags of marijuana legalization and normalization and want to take action, as well as be a voice for families and communities. We work with all political parties and faith communities. EBM Advocacy Group acknowledges that we all have different areas of focus and expertise, and all of us working together are a much stronger alliance which can accomplish more working together.

Whether we take small steps or large steps, we know each step matters.