Recovery Resources For Family Members/Parents

Today’s world is embracing more marijuana use while families like ours pay a heavy price. It’s important families seek support. We invite you to the Every Brain Matters Support Groups. You are not alone.

We acknowledge that the general public and many support groups don’t understand the true and devastating impacts of marijuana.  So many times it’s hard for us to share honestly how today’s more potent, more dangerous marijuana has affected our lives and families as we are not taken seriously in the addiction community.  So we respectfully invite you to an online group, Every Brain Matters Support/Recovery Group, a community of supporters who understand and encourage healing and growth in response to marijuana use and addiction.

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What To Do If My Child is Using Marijuana

by Crystal Collier, PhD, LPC-S author of The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide

Knowledge is the Key

In the era of non-regulated, legal marijuana, parents must empower themselves with current data regarding the effects of mass-produced, genetically modified, high-potency cannabis products. Armed with sound science, parents can confidently adopt a drug-free brain policy that is backed by decades of research documenting marijuana’s deleterious effects on neurodevelopment. Although caregivers never need a reason to keep their children safe, the literature on this topic offers thousands.

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How Does Marijuana Affect Our Brains

by Crystal Collier, PhD, LPC-S author of The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide and creator of BrainAbouts

There is a prevailing opinion in our community today that marijuana is a good and safe choice for treating a multitude of emotional and physical problems in youth and adults.  But what are the facts? How does marijuana affect the brain?

Steps to Take in Finding a Treatment Program for Addicted Loved Ones

Many of us have found ourselves in the confusion and panic of trying to find help for a child suffering from substance use disorder. What type of program?  Where can we receive the best care?  What does the level of care imply?  What do dual diagnosis, mood disorder, use disorders, and alternative peer groups all mean?  Do I need a drug rehab?  A counselor? A psychiatrist?  Medications? What is a transport service, and do I need one?

If you haven’t found yourself in this position, there is a good chance that someone in your circle has or will. With the growing commercialization of marijuana use, and widespread legal and illegal availability, drug abuse and addiction are leaving many families feeling confused and hopeless.

Recovery Videos for Parents by Cornerstone in Houston Texas

Stages of Changes, Dr. Alexis Dunbar
Cornerstone Recovery Community – Families Struggling with Addiction & Mental Illness Find Answers

Recovery Book for Family Members/Parents

Genetic Testing

From a simple cheek swab, GARS® is able to identify an individual’s genetic predisposition toward addictive, compulsive, impulsive behaviors, and personality disorders. These behaviors all share a common physiological root: an altered chemical balance in the brain, termed “Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS)”.