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Aubree Adams

Aubree Adams is a proud mom of 2 sons and 2 dogs and is a former Pueblo Colorado resident. She has a BS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and has worked as a physical therapist assistant for almost 20 years.

After experiencing the devastating consequence of marijuana legalization she started volunteering and warning other communities which opened the door for her to serve as Director of Every Brain Matters, a project of Parents Opposed to Pot (non-profit). She is also an administrator for Moms Strong and is the Director of a group called Citizens for a Safe and Healthy Texas, which unites and educates communities on the impacts of marijuana.

Aubree presents a unique firsthand perspective of this public health crisis that she expressed in the documentary, Chronic State. She has publicly debated the marijuana proponents in Texas in hopes they choose to embrace their children, not the drug culture expansion.  

In 2018, Aubree decided to leave Colorado due to the harms legal marijuana caused her family and community and join her son in a dynamic enthusiastic recovery community in Houston Texas, where she has volunteered as the parent coordinator. She embraces the opportunity to host teens and young adults who are in recovery in her home.  She sponsors, supports, and encourages other parents to work their own recovery programs and currently leads an online recovery group through the Every Brain Matters community.

Contact Aubree Adams at : info@everybrainmatters.org

Bart Bright

Bart Bright was a camp counselor, day camp director and teacher for many years. He earned his bachelor’s degree in recreation from San Francisco State and his teaching credential from Chapman University. He retired in 2019 and lives in Northern California with his wife Hazel.

Bart is an officer with Mar-Anon Family Groups , a fellowships of those affected by another person’s marijuana use, and Every Brain Matters. He also supports Johnny’s Ambassadors and Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

Bart used to think marijuana was harmless. “In my 20’s, when I used to smoke pot, I said stuff like, ‘It’s just pot, it’s not a big deal.’ I was wrong. It was a very big deal for my son, Kevin. My wife and I witnessed our son experience many episodes of Cannabis Induced Psychosis, a diagnosis in the DSM-5. He died by suicide in 2018 at 29 years old. One of the last statements he made to me was, “Cannabis has ruined my life.”

Bart is honoring his son by helping others who feel alone… “If you feel alone because your family and/or friends think marijuana is ‘just pot,’ you can email me at bartjbright@gmail.com for support. You are not alone.”

Corinne Gasper and her daughter, Jennifer

Corinne Gasper is the mom of the most beautiful woman, Jennifer Corinne, who was tragically killed by a medical marijuana-impaired driver. This inspired her to be an impactful speaker who warns the public on the dangers of marijuana DUI. Because of this, Corinne is nationally known and has been featured on “The Ingraham Angle” and many other popular media sites. Her opt-ed, Don’t say marijuana is harmless. A stoned driver killed my daughter was featured in the Chicago Tribune, and she has been a speaker at the NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration event.

Corinne has volunteered many hours helping organizations like MADD, Smart Approach to Marijuana and Moms Strong.  She won an award after speaking to over a hundred schools for Lifeline of Ohio, has testified at the New Jersey Black Caucus, and has been a guest speaker at other rallies and schools.  She was also instrumental is forming Safe Teen Driving Delaware Ohio Task Force and served as the co-chair. She is a member of the legislation pillar of the OSU Risk Institute’s National Focus on Distracted Driving. She currently is on the Board of Directors of a non-profit, Prevention Action Alliance.  .

Corinne is now the Developmental Manager of a non-profit called Parents Opposed to Pot and Every Brain Matters, but most importantly she leads their latest project that honors her daughter and others whose lives have been lost to marijuana-impaired driving, called Jennifer’s Messengers

When Corinne is not educating, she teaches children to play piano, and enjoys many hobbies like cycling, and spending time with her family.  Not only is Corinne known nationally, but her cat Cinder, also known as “Pretty Grumpy Cat”,  has her own following as well on social media.

Contact Corinne Gasper at : corinne.lamarca@gmail.com

Phillip A Drum, Pharm, D, FCSHP

Phillip A Drum, Pharm, D., FCSHP received his doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of California – San Francisco. He is a 30+ year licensed pharmacist who has had a wide range of experiences – from community pharmacy practice, a residency in Hospital Pharmacy, practice as a hospital-based Oncology pharmacist, Pharmacy Administration work as a Clinical Coordinator and later a Regional Manager and leader of regional pharmacy training and patient safety programs. He has been active in Pharmacy Associations and has spoken state-wide and nationally on various pharmaceutical topics. As a result of a family tragedy, he has been active in research on driving and marijuana and educating the public over the dangers of marijuana in society.

Contact Dr. Phil Drum at : marijuanadangers@gmail.com

Anne Hassel

Anne Hassel is a licensed Physical Therapist but was excited to leave her career to work in the medical marijuana industry. She truly thought marijuana was medicine and had a history of criminal charges from growing marijuana in her home. But the industry was not was she expected. Anne shares how the marijuana industry has developed and marketed more dangerous products that not only harmed her, but many others as well. Her story is shocking and needs to be told around the world. Learn more about her story.

Contact Anne Hassel at: annehasselpt@gmail.com

Dr. Karen Randall

Dr. Karen Randall is on the front lines of marijuana legalization. As an Emergency Physician she is an expert witness to the devastating impacts. She is an experienced speaker and has done presentations throughout the United States and has even traveled to other countries sounding the alarm about the harms of marijuana legalization. 

“It is beyond my imagination that people think that the budget will be fixed by selling and encouraging use of a drug that is addictive. Every single day in the emergency department, I see the end point of drug use. It really is sad to see a 15 y/o child having yet another acute psychotic episode (only drug being used is THC). There are simply not enough resources to treat the number of children that are becoming addicted to the new powerful drug. Please tell your politicians you don’t want pot in your community. It will not fix the deficits.”

Credentials: residency trained in emergency medicine, pediatrics and family practice. Certified in Cannabis Science and Medicine – University of Vermont, SCEMA – VP of Case Management, SCEMA board member.

Contact Dr. Karen Randall at: karenrandall1545@me.com

Sally Schindel

Sally Schindel was a self-employed financial advisor, with CFP certification. Her bachelor’s degree in Accounting is from Western Illinois University in 1972. She retired in 2008 and lives with her husband Gregg in Prescott.

Sally’s passion now is volunteering with organizations making a difference in the lives of young people and their education. She is a long-term member of P.E.O., supporting women’s education, and a volunteer with MATFORCE in Prescott, AZ which works toward a brighter future by building a healthier community, striving to eliminate substance abuse and its effects.

Sally is on the National Marijuana Initiative Speakers Bureau. Sally is the proud mother of two. She calls her daughter “the light of my life.” Her son, Andy, died in 2014. Andy’s suicide death is linked to marijuana addiction. He left a powerful message that Sally wants all to know.  Andy said, “Marijuana killed my soul + ruined my brain.”

Sally says: “I am now working with Andy, in his memory, urging young people to not risk using marijuana or other drugs. Marijuana is not harmless. I hope Andy’s message will help everyone ‘Think Again’ before assuming the drug marijuana is harmless.”

Contact Sally at: info@everybrainmatters.org or sschin999@gmail.com

Heidi Anderson-Swan

Heidi Anderson-Swan is a former actress and the coauthor of the only fictional book which illustrates Cannabis Induced Psychosis (a diagnosis in the DSM-5). Entitled, A Night In Jail, the story is inspired by her brother’s true life as a homeless drug addict with schizophrenia who went to jail eighteen times. Heidi is an outspoken advocate who works to prevent addiction, homelessness and, when possible, mental illness.

Using the student-led short film, A Night In Jail, Heidi has cosponsored webinars with Behavioral Health Services (a contractor for Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control). Most recently, she cosponsored the first webinar which was focused on teen athletes. Her guests were from professional sports: Dr. Stephen Taylor, the Medical Director of the NBA, Darren Prince (Magic Johnson and Dennis Rodman’s agent) and Dr. Ken Finn. She’s spoken for youth councils, prevention groups, podcasts and gave a keynote presentation for Alcoholics and Substance Abuse Prevention Providers of New York State. Many years ago, Heidi voiced a now-famous video game character, Jill Valentine, from the Resident Evil franchise.

Contact Heidi Swan at: heidiaswan@yahoo.com