Speakers Bureau

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Professional Speakers

Heidi Anderson-Swan

Heidi Anderson-Swan is a former actress and the coauthor of the only fictional book which illustrates Cannabis Induced Psychosis (a diagnosis in the DSM-5). Entitled, A Night In Jail, the story is inspired by her brother’s true life as a homeless drug addict with schizophrenia who went to jail eighteen times. Heidi is an outspoken advocate who works to prevent addiction, homelessness and, when possible, mental illness.

Using the student-led short film, A Night In Jail, Heidi has cosponsored webinars with Behavioral Health Services (a contractor for Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control). Most recently, she cosponsored the first webinar which was focused on teen athletes. Her guests were from professional sports: Dr. Stephen Taylor, the Medical Director of the NBA, Darren Prince (Magic Johnson and Dennis Rodman’s agent) and Dr. Ken Finn. She’s spoken for youth councils, prevention groups, podcasts and gave a keynote presentation for Alcoholics and Substance Abuse Prevention Providers of New York State. Many years ago, Heidi voiced a now-famous video game character, Jill Valentine, from the Resident Evil franchise.

Contact Heidi Swan at: heidiaswan@yahoo.com

Community Speakers

Anne Hassel

Anne Hassel is a licensed Physical Therapist but was excited to leave her career to work in the medical marijuana industry. She truly thought marijuana was medicine and had a history of criminal charges from growing marijuana in her home. But the industry was not was she expected. Anne shares how the marijuana industry has developed and marketed more dangerous products that not only harmed her, but many others as well. Her story is shocking and needs to be told around the world. Learn more about her story at this link.

Contact Anne Hassel at: annehasselpt@gmail.com