Every Brain Matters Testimonies

The effects of marijuana and other drugs are real and increasing. We need to be Vocal and Visible because we’re Valuable. (Sue Thau, CADCA)

We invite you to learn more and share your testimony.

Marijuana harms are backed by science, here are testimonies.

Addiction, Cannabis Use Disorder

Cannabis Induced Psychosis

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Child abuse/neglect

Domestic Violence

Gateway/Polysubstance use

Heart Effects

Impaired Driving

Impairment incidents

Lung injury/Vaping


Suicide influenced by marijuana


Moms Strong

They say no one dies from marijuana. We wish that were true. Here are our stories.

Parents Opposed to Pot

Parents Opposed to Pot bursts the “bubble of the marijuana hype” and counters the false narrative that marijuana is harmless. We know that no amount of marijuana, especially in its current high-THC forms, can be proven safe.