Trevor Leopold – Memorial

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1/30/2001 to 11/17/2019

Trevor London Leopold was a loving human being with a huge heart that he willingly shared with so many others. From an early age, Trevor was an animal lover. His first word was “duck” and his first friend, “Goodgirl” his black dog, Kirby. Trevor had a zoo of animals in his room throughout his childhood, including guinea pigs, rats, and frogs raised from tadpoles. All his life Trevor had a special bond with goats as well. His nickname, “Goat Boy” was solidified first at the SF Zoo and then at the Marin County Fair where he spent so much time petting the goats. A Native American counselor from Utah, who was unaware of Trevor’s nickname, bestowed the “Mountain Goat” as his totem animal at a spirit animal ceremony, based upon his resilience and ability to sure footedly scale a mountain. This solidified Trevor as the “Goat Boy” forever.
He was an avid rock collector, nature detective, and even a certified Audubon Junior Birdwatcher, able to identify over 150 local birds. Trevor was an Indian Guide, Cub Scout, and Boy Scout, played little league, and a lifelong avid skier and later snowboarder, mostly with his brother and dad, braving the wildest snowstorms and steepest runs.
Trevor enjoyed fishing along with his brother Parker, so much so that the family went fishing on many of their family vacations.
Trevor was fortunate to take advantage of the travels implied by his middle name “London,” and he was fortunate to share many family vacations in amazing places including Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Puerto Rico, many places throughout the US, and most recently to Paris and Italy months before he died. One of the family’s favorite vacations was hiking the Narrows at Zion
Trevor’s biggest passion was skateboarding, as evidenced by his skater wardrobe, caps, and hoodies.
Trevor loved playing dice, board games, and card games with his family, and cherished time with friends, and loved being with his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Trevor’s all-time favorite human being, however, was his brother Parker, who could be at the same time his worst enemy or best friend. All of the family agree that Trevor always was quick to say I Love You and gave great, real hugs.
Trevor was accepted to four Cal State Universities and entered Sonoma State in fall 2019 as a Freshman. Trevor was actively working on accepting help and putting foundations and supports in place in his life to enable him to go forward on a higher path. All of the wonderful blessings that he had: talent, friendships, positive outlook on life, and, most importantly, family, were sidelined by his decision to take a drug which ended his life suddenly. Trevor will forever be missed and forever be in our hearts.

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