Marijuana Overdoses

Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Overdose

While rare, a marijuana overdose is still possible in some cases. Some of these are could have an impact mentally, heart related and lead to pale skin. Signs and symptoms of marijuana overdose might include 1,2:

  • Extreme anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Psychotic reactions in which someone loses touch with reality or becomes paranoid, sometimes in the form of hallucinations, delusions, or a loss of personal identity.
  • Decreased judgment, perception, and coordination that can lead to injuries or even death.
  • A fast heart rate, chest pain, or heart attack.
  • Uncontrollable shaking or seizures.
  • Pale skin color.
  • Unresponsiveness.
  • Sudden high blood pressure with headache.

When symptoms are severe, get medical attention—call 911 or drive to the nearest emergency room—to ensure the person overdosing is monitored for complications and dangerous side effects.

Noticeable side effects of smoked marijuana may last from 1 to 3 hours, while marijuana consumed in food (known as edibles) or drink may last for several hours.


Child Overdoses

The most common overdose incidents in children occur when the drug has been combined with food in an “edible” form of marijuana. This is because marijuana ingested in this manner can have a stronger and prolonged effect, especially in children under the age of 12 years old. 

In these instances, kids mistake “edible” marijuana (like gummy bears, brownies, lollipops, etc.) for regular food and eat it unknowingly. Small children are at higher risk based on their size and weight.  Because edible products have very high amounts of marijuana, the symptoms are more severe on a small child. Many young children who consume marijuana edibles require hospital admission due to the severity of their symptoms.