Support Advisory Committee

The Every Brain Matters Support Advisory Committee are valuable leaders with lived experiences that pave a path for families to find clarity, truth, and hope. They connect with families affected by marijuana and provide essential resources. They want families to know they’re not alone in a world that is, unfortunately, embracing marijuana and promoting false information about its effects.

Join the Every Brain Matters community. Please email us at [email protected] and join our private Facebook group to connect directly with this committee.

Every Brain Matters Family Support Meetings

A professional counselor leads this weekly online support group for families affected by a loved one’s marijuana use. Participants learn recovery tools that empower them to take the next step while navigating through marijuana addiction, psychosis, hyperemesis, self-harm, or other destructive behaviors. Whether families decide to take small steps or hike the mountain, each step counts and can positively impact their families’ relationships and health.

In the world of recovery, families learn the 3 C’s about the disease of addiction. (It means the harmful behaviors or the disease.) We didn’t cause it. We can control it. And we can’t cure it. In the Every Brain Matters Climbers meeting, we talk about a 4th C. How do we contribute to it positively or negatively? It’s difficult for families to know what that means, so by discussing these situations, we gain clarity on what is the best response for our families.

We encourage each family member to work on their own recovery program. We allow cross-talking to share ideas, experiences, strength, and hope. Every family makes their own decisions and heals at their own pace. We respect the feelings and privacy of those attending our meetings.

We ask for a donation to compensate for the professional expertise and time we provide, but this is not a requirement to attend. Join us every Wednesday at 7 pm central time zone.

In this new era of industrialized THC, families need support and hope by learning various healing pathways. We gain courage and strength by hearing other people’s valuable experiences about recovery and grief. Every month we feature individuals and families recovering from cannabis use disorder, cannabis induced-psychosis, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or recovering from the death of a loved one.  

Please join us on the first Friday of every month at 6 pm central time zone for inspiring messages about healing from the impacts of marijuana and the drug culture expansion. There will be a Q & A at the end of each meeting. This meeting is free to attend.