Family Recovery Articles and Books From The Effects of Marijuana

In the era of non-regulated, legal marijuana, parents must empower themselves with current data regarding the effects of mass-produced, genetically modified, high-potency cannabis products. Armed with sound science, parents can confidently adopt a drug-free brain policy that is backed by decades of research documenting marijuana’s deleterious effects on neurodevelopment. Although caregivers never need a reason to keep their children safe, the literature on this topic offers thousands.

by Crystal Collier, PhD, LPC-S author of The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide and creator of BrainAbouts

Recovery Book for Family Members/Parents

Genetic Testing

From a simple cheek swab, GARS® is able to identify an individual’s genetic predisposition toward addictive, compulsive, impulsive behaviors, and personality disorders. These behaviors all share a common physiological root: an altered chemical balance in the brain, termed “Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS)”.