Emergency Room Results

Michigan EDs See Jump in Cannabis-Related Neuropsychiatric Toxicity
Ryan Basen, Enterprise & Investigative Writer, MedPage Today October 30, 2021

Community-based study reports “troublesome” data in state that legalized marijuana for adults. Neuropsychiatric toxicity (NPS) was common among patients presenting with cannabis toxicity to Michigan emergency departments (EDs), and they were more likely to also have used other substances, a researcher reported….

Legalized Cannabis in Colorado Emergency Departments: A Cautionary Review of Negative Health and Safety Effects
Brad A. Roberts, MD Published online 2019 Jun 3. doi: 10.5811/westjem.2019.4.39935

Cannabis legalization has led to significant health consequences, particularly to patients in emergency departments and hospitals in Colorado. The most concerning include psychosis, suicide, and other substance abuse. Deleterious effects on the brain include decrements in complex decision-making, which may not be reversible with abstinence…

Acute Illness Associated With Cannabis Use, by Route of Exposure
Andrew A. Monte, MD, PhD, Shelby K. Shelton, MPH, Eleanor Mills, BS, Jessica Saben, PhD
Annals of Internal Medicine 16 April 2019

There were 9973 visits with an ICD-9-CM or ICD-10-CM code for cannabis use. Of these, 2567 (25.7%) visits were at least partially attributable to cannabis, and 238 of those (9.3%) were related to edible cannabis. Visits attributable to inhaled cannabis were more likely to be for cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (18.0% vs. 8.4%), and visits attributable to edible cannabis were more likely to be due to acute psychiatric symptoms (18.0% vs. 10.9%), intoxication (48% vs. 28%), and cardiovascular symptoms (8.0% vs. 3.1%)…

Emergency Department Visits From Edible Versus Inhalable Cannabis
Nora D. Volkow, MD and Ruben Baler, PhD
Annals of Internal Medicine 16 April 2019

The legalization of cannabis in a growing number of states coupled with the perception that marijuana is an innocuous drug has led to significant increases in cannabis consumption, both for its recreational properties and for its alleged medicinal properties. However, cannabis use is associated with adverse health effects (1), and cannabis-related emergency department (ED) visits and hospital admissions have increased (2)…