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Marijuana with high THC levels linked to addiction, psychiatric illness, study finds

High-cannabis-potency products associated with greater risk of cannabis use disorder (CUD), study review finds

By Dr. Marc Siegel , Angela Bertorelli | Fox News

Aubree Adams, director of the nonprofit, Every Brain Matters, said to me on Fox News, “Cannabis-induced psychosis is real and it’s destroying thousands of families across America. Once the brain is broken, once it’s addicted, it’s really hard to get it back.” This Patriot Day, honor 9/11 victims by serving AmericaAmerica needs a strategic partnership with Uzbekistan

And Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse said to me on Fox News that we are seeing more and more young men with these episodes, as people are exposed to higher and higher content products that are becoming more widely available. “Exposure early on to THC,” she said, “modifies the brain in ways that make it more susceptible later on to other drugs.”