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Every Brain Matters continues to educate about the dangers of marijuana and the drug culture expansion.

Aubree Adams, Executive Director for Every Brain Matters shared why she brings awareness to the impact of drugs on one’s mental health.

“My son, at the age of 15 in Pueblo was irrational and paranoid after using marijuana dabbing and he was suffering and he tried to take his life,” Adams said. “Thank God he survived, but I’m in touch with many families that their children have not survived.”

Every Brain Matters is a nonprofit organization that works to educate about the dangers of marijuana and drug culture expansion.

“We’re in a national mental health crisis and the mental health crisis is multifactorial,” said Ken Finn M.D. “And I think what I’ve learned over time is that mainstream media tends to dismiss any potential relationship between cannabis and negative mental health. I mean, we’ve had COVID, we have social media, we have all these factors that are playing into it.”


Is there a link between a public health crisis, developing brains, and cannabis?

A Colorado non profit organization and pain medicine specialist weigh in

Not Your Grandpa’s Weed: Today’s Super-Strong Marijuana Causing Mental Health Problems, Addictions
CBN News 2022, October 10

Many believe the U.S. needs to revive the war on drugs, now more than ever, including Aubree Adams, the Director of Every Brain Matters, an advocacy group supporting and educating families on the harmful effects of cannabis. “Legalizing or promoting marijuana is not a solution. It’s a nightmare,” Adams told CBN News. “THC is the perfect drug to hijack our children’s brains and embed the disease of addiction and mental illness and we have to stop this nightmare.”..

America needs to get real about high-potency marijuana
The Hill 2022, September 8

The problem is that the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content in marijuana products is not the same as it was decades ago. In fact, it has routinely risen to well over 50 percent in edibles, wax, vapes or dabs (butane hash oil). So even if your memory flashes you back to something you first learned about or tried in high school, in fact, what you encounter now is not the same. 

Aubree Adams, director of the nonprofit, Every Brain Matters, said to me on Fox News, “Cannabis-induced psychosis is real and it’s destroying thousands of families across America. Once the brain is broken, once it’s addicted, it’s really hard to get it back.” ..

Marijuana is Destroying Our Families
NewsMax 2022, September 1

Study links high-THC marijuana to mental health issues
NewsMax 2022, August 30

“In the state of Colorado, the number one drug found in completed suicides ages 10 to 18 is marijuana,” Aubree Adams, Director of Every Brain Matters said. She added that she believed families like hers have been “fed a bag of lies that cannabis is harmless.” 

Adams went on, “THC is the perfect drug to hijack our kids’ brains and lead them down a path of addiction and mental illness.”

Marijuana with high THC levels linked to addiction, psychiatric illness, study finds
August 30, 2022

Two years after becoming an avid marijuana user, Ethan was only 18 when he developed cannabis-induced psychosis, a condition including severe hallucinations, delusions and paranoia.

Study links high THC levels to mental health issues
August 30, 2022

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel weighs in on cannabis concerns as doctors warn of addiction and psychosis on ‘Special Report.’ 

How Weed Became the New OxyContin
Tablet 2022, August 30

Big Pharma and Big Tobacco are helping market high-potency, psychosis-inducing THC products as your mother’s ‘medical marijuana’.

Look at the industries that pioneered the addiction business: tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals. Today, all three are heavily invested in cannabis.

When Aubree Adams tried to get her son to stop he would say, “It’s medicine, Mom. You’re the only one not using it, Mom. Maybe you need to start using it, Mom. You’ll feel better. What you’re saying is a lie, Mom. It’s all propaganda, Mom.”..

Cannabis use has ROCKETED up by 20% in states where it has been legalized, study finds as researchers warn of ‘negative health and psychosocial outcomes’ of drug that is rapidly becoming available nationwide
Daily Mail 2022, August 25

Teenagers in states that have legalized cannabis use more of it and are lured by colorfully-packaged candy-like products that leave them vulnerable to higher rates of dependency, psychosis and school dropouts, researchers warn.

A DailyMail.com analysis of research focusing on California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and other states that have legalized recreational pot shows experts warning of a ‘potential explosion’ of under-aged use — and more youngsters using it than in states where it’s illegal.

They are alarmed by the weak oversight of a $30billion business and warn of a free-for-all market in which super-strength cannabis products are sold in cartoon-covered packaging that attracts youngsters, even as tobacco and alcohol firms are barred from targeting youths.

Marijuana leads to addiction, psychosis and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome
2022, April 16

Aubree Adams lived in Colorado when marijuana became legalized. At first, she didn’t think it would affect her family much, but she says that it destroyed her family. She feels that marijuana leads to addiction, psychosis and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Hear more about Aubree’s story on this episode of Matters of Substance…

Marijuana legalization was a mistake. Highly concentrated pot is destroying my son’s life
USA Today 2021, October 1

“And then legalized marijuana came, and everything changed. It has taken nearly a decade for Colorado’s elected leaders to understand the damage pot is doing to our children. I saw it years ago”

Marijuana is a serious drug

Eventually, my son told me he was dabbing, which I had never heard of. A dab (or wax or shatter) is a highly concentrated form of THC, marijuana’s active ingredient. It’s heated and smoked, delivering an instant, overwhelming high. Crack weed, my son called it. He knew it was making him crazy. He wanted to quit, but addiction had him firmly in its grip…

Cannabis-induced psychosis: Amid push for legalization, sister says brother ‘was lost to us for a decade
Fox News 2021, July 22

An anti-marijuana advocate accused lawmakers of being dishonest about the effects THC can have on young adults and society as a whole as Senate Democrats push to legalize cannabis. “People are smoking pot while driving. You can smell it everywhere,” she said. “Babies, pregnant women, people with cancer, people trying to get exercise – we’re exposed to it all the time. There is this attitude of ‘it’s legal, I can do whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want.’”..

FDA’s Scientific Data and Information about Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds Public Hearing
Food and Drug Administration 2019, May 31

Participant list with affiliation, including Aubree Adams from Every Brain Matters, who gave formal presentations with slide decks at the FDA’s Scientific Data and Information about Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds Part 15 Public Hearing.  

“It’s Changed my Home”. Aubree Adams Story
No Weed Illinois 2018, November 8

What marijuana legalization is doing to young people.

Is Texas ready to decriminalize marijuana?
Dallas News 2018, June 14

Aubree Adams was invited to the convention to tell her story on behalf of a group called Texans Against Legalizing Marijuana.

Pueblo woman takes action after study suggests pot use for pregnancy
KOAA News 2018, June 10

The Colorado School of Medicine and the University of Utah contacted 400 dispensaries in Colorado with 70 percent suggesting using pot products to treat nausea for pregnant women.

This prompted Aubree Adams to take action Friday afternoon. “We want the marijuana shops to be held accountable for them impersonating medical professionals and harming unborn children,” Adams said…

Pot goes to school: With marijuana legal in Colorado, student encounters are rising
Colorado Politics 2018, May 8

Conclusions are that students in Colorado communities that permit recreational dispensaries used more cannabis and thought marijuana was less harmful and less wrong than high school students in communities that did not allow recreational pot stores. “There are so many parents using that these kids don’t stand a chance,” Aubree Adams said.

Demon weed
Pueblo Chieftain 2018, March 7

Marijuana is poisoning our town, Stop the drug promotion. You are adding fuel to the addiction and mental illness fire.

Personal attacks and name calling. Sound familiar? It’s common among the drug-dealing population who want to manipulate you.

Statewide Needs Assessment of Primary Prevention for Substance Abuse
Colorado Health Institute 2018, February

Local prevention program administrators and other community members across Colorado participated in CHI’s 16 forums in October 2017 including Aubree Adams.

Aubree Adams: Why she opposes marijuana legalization
Vermont State House 2018, January 4

Pueblo community continues tackling heroin crisis
11 News 2017, September 27

“I came out tonight to advocate for more prevention and recovery for drug addiction and mental illness in our community,” said Aubree Adams.

These mothers of suicides don’t think marijuana is harmless
Yahoo News 2017, April 17

Commercialization is likely to come with targeted advertising for and sale of not only marijuana but also high-potency oils, candies and other kid-friendly items. This is alarming because mounting scientific evidence suggests that youth may be particularly susceptible to adverse consequences from regular marijuana use.

Maryland Senate holds marijuana legalization hearing
Times – News 2017, March 3

Some argue the legalization of marijuana have unfortunate effects on communities. Adams traveled to Maryland to testify on the negative effects of marijuana which, she said, “almost destroyed my son.”.

“Nobody is talking about it,” Aubree Adams, a Pueblo, Colorado, resident told the University of Maryland’s Capital News Service. “Homelessness is up, high crime is up.”

There is emerging research linking marijuana and suicide rates, wrote Christine Miller, a scientific adviser for drug education groups, in her testimony to the committee.

Maryland legislators consider bill to legalize marijuana
Fox Baltimore 2017, March 2

Dozens of people testified before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee Thursday over a bill which, if enacted, would make Maryland the sixth state to legalize pot.

But Aubree Adams, who lives in Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal, traveled to Annapolis to urge legislators in Maryland to reject a similar measure.

What the country needs to realize, what Maryland needs to realize is these are high potency products.

Pueblo City Council Meeting
2016, December 2

Public Forum
Aubree Adams stated she was in opposition of retail marijuana stores in the City. Reviewed
a personal experience with her son’s use/abuse of marijuana and marijuana infused products. Asked Council to support prevention and recovery, not more use of this drug.

Ballot Question 200: Pueblo retail pot shops will remain open
11 News 2016, November

“Those are your children they are targeting just like the tobacco industry and that’s not cool,” said Aubree Adams. Adams wants to put a stop to the sale of recreational marijuana in Pueblo County.

“They could line the streets with gold with tax money generated from marijuana and it wouldn’t be worth my son’s life or any youth’s life for that matter,” Adams said.

Colorado City’s Experience Portends a Grim Future for Marijuana-Based Communities
Noozhawk 2016, November 6

Aubree Adams’ eighth-grade son started using infused marijuana products. “Soon after legalization became law, the schools were flooded with marijuana-laced candy and sodas that were indistinguishable from regular sweets and sodas,” she explained. “Our son was in and out of hospitals for marijuana-induced psychosis, suicide attempts.”

Adams, who volunteers for Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo, says she has been harassed, bullied and physically threatened by the local marijuana dealers for her activism in favor of the ballot initiatives.