Sperm and Erectile Function with Marijuana

How Men’s Cannabis Use Could Affect Their Kids’ Health
Katherine Cullen MFA, LMSW 2022, July 28

  • Paternal consumption of marijuana prior to conception has been found in rodent studies to alter offspring brain development.
  • Children whose fathers consumed marijuana during their partner’s pregnancy may be at higher risk of psychotic symptoms.
  • Pot consumption can trigger epigenetic changes in gene expression, which fathers can pass along to their children.
  • Not all human studies of pot’s effects on male fertility are consistent. A dose-dependent relationship between pot and male fertility may exist.

Evaluation of the impact of marijuana use on semen quality: a prospective analysis
Marah C. Hehemann, Omer A. Raheem*, Saneal Rajanahally, 2021, July 20

Marijuana use is common among men presenting for fertility evaluation, and may have a detrimental effect on semen quality, particularly morphology and volume, but may be protective against abnormal sperm motility. Large, prospective studies of both semen quality and fertility in this growing, at-risk population are warranted…