Marijuana & Toxicity

    Toxicant Formation in Dabbing: The Terpene Story
    ACS Publications 2017, September 22

    -The results of these studies indicate that dabbing, consistent with vaping, delivers significant amounts of toxic degradation products (i.e. methacrolein, benzene, 1-3 butadiene).  
    -Benzene concentrations (the largest single known cancer-risk air toxic) found in heated dabbing terpenes are greater than those found in ambient air.  Methacrolein is structurally similar to acrolein another powerful pulmonary irritant.1-3 butadiene is a known carcinogen and mutagen found in the Prop 65 carcinogen list in California.
    -Terpenes are naturally found in cannabis products and are added to some dabbing products.  Normally terpenoid degradation by heat is of little concern in standard cannabis products but is problematic when vaporization using high temperatures occurs.  Long term impact of these terpenoid degradation substances can have major effects in humans…