Pueblo Physicians Code Red: October 20, 2016

On Thursday, October 20th, members of the medical community of Pueblo came together for a press conference to warn public officials and the people of Pueblo that there is great cause for concern related to the marijuana industry continuing to operate in this county.

Physician’s Press Conference Trailer
Pueblo Physicians Code Red – Dr. Elizabeth Stuyt

“Our public officials have not been responsible in keeping the industry in check because they have worked really hard at increasing the levels of THC to astronomical proportions…. All high-dose THC does is increase the risk of addiction and mental health problems.” Dr. Elizabeth (Libby) Stuyt.

Dr. Steve Simerville, Medical Director, Nursery, St. Mary-Corwin Hospital
Pueblo Physicians Code Red – Dr. Chris Nevin-Woods
Pueblo Physicians Code Red: Dr. Karen Randall Presenting

The Marijuana-Opioid Connection

The effects of marijuana on the brain of an unborn child. Predisposing children for addiction. Here are the studies cited. 1. M.S. Spano1,2, P. Fadda1,2, W. Fratta1,2,3 and L. Fattore*,1,3 Cannabinoid-Opioid Interactions in Drug Discrimination and Self-Administration: Effect of Maternal, Postnatal, Adolescent and Adult Exposure to the Drugs Current Drug Targets, 2010, Vol. 11, No. 2 2. X Wang, D Dow-Edwards, V Anderson, H Minkoff , and YL Hurd; Discrete opioid gene expression impairment in the human fetal brain associated with maternal marijuana use. , The Pharmacogenomics Journal (2006) 6, 255–264 3. M. Sabrina Spano, Maria Ellgren, X. Wang, and Yasmin L. Hurd; Prenatal Cannabis Exposure Increases Heroin Seeking with Allostatic Changes in Limbic Enkephalin Systems in Adulthood; BIOL PSYCHIATRY 2007;61:554–563

Marijuana Environmental Harms, Pueblo Colorado

The Napa Valley of Pot, Episode 1
The Napa Valley of Pot Trailer