Drug Trends

Tall Cop Says Stop. You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know.

Tall cop, Jermain Galloway, provides the tools, resources, and training to combat substance abuse.

Knowledge is a Powerful Tool
In a world where drug addiction has reached epidemic levels, ACT on Drugs is making communities mentally, emotionally and physically stronger by providing extremely valuable presentations and trainings on drug education and addiction.

ACT on Drugs is the only organization that has a nationally recognized expert speaking directly to youth and adults throughout communities. Our presentations have influenced the lives of thousands of people throughout the state of Colorado.

ACT provides vital information to parents, teens, teachers and administrators, health care providers, social workers, and caseworkers, law enforcement personnel, judicial officials, and those in the workplace engaging, giving powerful information about the common and uncommon drugs and other abused-substances.

Todays more potent, more dangerous marijuana

Today’s legal marijuana products are purposely made to disguise use from parents, teachers, and employers.

These products come in pills, powders, oils, inhalers, suppositories, candies, soda, chips, gummies, chap stick, moon rocks, vapes, ect.