Every Brain Matters Supports Recovery

Today’s world is embracing more marijuana use while families pay a heavy price.

The general public and many support groups don’t understand the devastating impacts of marijuana.  So many times, it’s hard for us to share how today’s more potent, dangerous marijuana has affected our lives and families.  The Every Brain Matters Support Community provides a place for these families.

Families affected by addiction (cannabis use disorder), cannabis induces-psychosis, and toxic effects like cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome can find freedom and hope here.  

We provide family support meetings, resources, and solutions.

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Every Brain Matters Support Meetings for Family members

EBM Climbers Support group with Joe Parker and Cole Carol. This meeting is an interactive educational group for family members impacted by marijuana to bring issues, questions, or concerns and receive direct feedback from a counselor and peers.

Meets every Wednesday for 90 minutes.


The cost is $20.00 per person or $35.00 per couple.

Find the next climbers meeting at this link.

Join us on the first Friday of every month for messages of hope and healing from the impacts of marijuana.

Every month, we welcome a different speaker who will share their experience, strength, and hope that provide pathways to find serenity as we navigate through today’s pro-marijuana/drug culture. Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one or trying to recover yourself, this meeting is for you.

Free meeting the first Friday of every month, 6 pm CENTRAL TIME.

Find the next monthly Speaker Meeting at this link.


Over the years, some of us have tried to find support in Al-Anon or in Nar-Anon. Mar-Anon is a 12-Step program designed specifically for those who are affected by another’s marijuana use.


National Alliance on Mental Illness – support groups and education for mental illness.

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones

Parents with an adult child dealing with substance use disorder involving either drugs or alcohol find hope and support through Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL). Meetings are available all over the country, and lives are being changed every day. It’s not an easy journey, but you don’t have to go at it alone