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Aubree Adams
Every Brain Matters Director
Aubree Adams, Director of Every Brain Matters

Aubree Adams is a leading advocate who stands up against the predatory addiction-for-profit industry. She has a BS in Exercise Science and Health promotion but is most proud of her experience as a mom of two sons and two dogs and as a host mom for youth in recovery. After working as a physical therapy assistant for over 20 years, this former Pueblo Colorado mom found herself at ground zero of the marijuana expansion movement.  She has shared her devastating Colorado experiences and knowledge of marijuana for drug prevention coalitions, alliances, and health departments nationwide. She has presented her first-hand experience of this public health crisis before the FDA and the documentary  Chronic State and testified in many state governments, asking them to embrace healthy children and families rather than the drug culture expansion.

As Director of Every Brain Matters, she has grown a community of support and advocacy based on science.  She intends for the EBM logo to be recognized as a life “free from marijuana” Aubree co-developed Mar-Anon, a 12-Step program that gives support and hope to families affected by another person’s marijuana use. She also hosts a podcast called “It’s Just Pot:  What’s the Problem?” where she openly discusses the public health crisis caused by the marijuana expansion.  Aubree was honored to be a recipient of Drug Free America Foundation’s 2021 Moxie Award, and her op-ed was published in USA Today.

In 2018, Aubree decided to leave Colorado due to the harms legal marijuana caused her family and community. She joined her son in a dynamic, enthusiastic recovery community in Houston, Texas, where she learned how to host youth in recovery in her home.  She refers to herself as a Family Support Consultant and leads an online recovery group through the Every Brain Matters community.