Every Brain Matters Team

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Aubree Adams

Every Brain Matters Director

Aubree Adams is a leading advocate who stands up against the predatory addiction-for-profit marijuana industry. She has a BS in Exercise Science and Health promotion but is most proud of her experience as a mom of two sons and two dogs and as a host mom for youth in recovery. She is the founder and director of Every Brain Matters, a trusted educational resource formed by families with loved ones who have been severely damaged or killed by the effects of marijuana. The stories of these families are featured on the Every Brain Mattes YouTube channel and the It’s Just Pot What’s The Problem? Podcast.

This former Pueblo, Colorado, mom lived at ground zero of the marijuana expansion movement. Aubree has been nationally featured on Fox News and NewsMax along with her op-eds published in USA Today and the Denver Gazette entitled “Standing up to the Threat of Marijuana.” She has shared her devastating first-hand experience about this public health crisis before the FDA, The National Academy of Science, and in the documentary Chronic State. She has testified in many state governments, asking them to embrace healthy communities and families rather than the expansion of drugs.

After finding refuge and recovery for herself and her two sons in Houston, Texas, Aubree formed a group called Citizens for a Safe and Healthy Texas to unite and educate communities on the impacts of marijuana and warn Texas about the dangers of THC Hemp products, which were legalized through the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. Citizens for a Safe and Healthy Texas helped prevent several marijuana bills from advancing during the 2023 legislative session.

Aubree states that families and communities are unprepared for this era of industrialized marijuana that targets youth with flavored candies and vapes that provide a rapid and potent chemical assault to the brain. Families do not have the resources to prevent, manage, or recover from a child or young adult addicted or psychotic from cannabis.

Aubree rejects the false narrative that potent marijuana is a harmless expression of personal freedom. Based on the latest scientific evidence and personal stories, she states that THC is a dangerous and addictive drug, and like all drugs of abuse, it can destroy lives. She intends for the EBM logo to be recognized as a life “free from marijuana.”

Amber Moore

Every Brain Matters Asst. Director

Amber Moore is the proud mom of one son and three dogs from Kansas but has called Texas home for almost a year. She has been a Nurse Practitioner for 13 years and has devoted the past four years to the mental health field, as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

After experiencing first-hand the harmful mental and physical effects of cannabis, Amber became passionate about sharing scientific-based education with teens and families. She believes everyone has the right to be informed and know the truth about the harmful side effects of marijuana and industrialized THC products.
Amber’s mission is to spread both education and hope to individuals and families affected by marijuana.

Halie Kay Vermillion

Communications Manager

Halie Kay Vermillion is a senior at Olivet Nazarene University studying Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and Intercultural Studies. Halie is proud to be married to a youth pastor. They are bother passionate about the health of today’s youth and the future of our families.

Halie is extremely grateful for the opportunity to raise awareness and scientific-based research surrounding the devastating effects of marijuana and societal drug culture. She has freelanced Public Relations services for over three years but truly feels that her time with Every Brain Matters has proved to hold the most personal and inspirational impact. She believes that protecting our families and standing up for future generations is critical.