Marijuana and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Marijuana Abuse and PTSD
American Addiction Centers
2022 November 9

While PTSD is triggered by a traumatic event, suffering from other mental health conditions can make PTSD symptoms more intense. Abusing marijuana can trigger other mental health problems, like depression, anxiety, and psychosis, if the individual is predisposed to these problems…

Study marijuana — don’t blindly force Veterans Affairs to prescribe it
Washington Examiner Kevin Sabot Opinion 2020, July 10

Research suggests marijuana use could lead to far worse outcomes for those suffering from PTSD and other mental issues. Recently, a study of more than 300 veterans found that marijuana use exacerbated symptoms of PTSD for those who suffered from a marijuana use disorder. This study builds on a foundation of research, signaling that marijuana use among veterans suffering from symptoms of PTSD could cause worse outcomes…

Marijuana and PTSD
Drug Rehab
2020, February 27

Multiple studies indicate that marijuana may worsen the very symptoms patients intend to treat. According to a 2015 article in The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, while marijuana may initially help PTSD-related sleep problems, it can cause significant sleep disturbances in the long run.

The article also notes the complex relationship between marijuana and anxiety. While most people who smoke weed to alleviate PTSD symptoms seek the drug’s calming effects, marijuana may cause extreme anxiety and panic attacks in some people…

Marijuana Use is Associated with Worse Outcomes in Symptom Severity and Violent Behavior in Patients with PTSD
National Center for Biotechnology Information 2015, September

Conclusions: In this observational study, initiating marijuana use after treatment was associated with worse PTSD symptoms, more violent behavior, and alcohol use. Marijuana may actually worsen PTSD symptoms or nullify the benefits of specialized, intensive treatment. Cessation or prevention of use may be an important goal of treatment…