Positions Statements and Papers

Marijuana Legalization

Every Brain Matters does not support the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana commercialization in Colorado and Washington gives us an informed perspective, and the legalization policy has failed at all levels. 

We believe that states that have legalized the adult use of marijuana need to repeal it or get stricter regulations. The tax money does not make the social costs worth it. States with legalization break federal law, even if the federal government does not enforce the law.  Legalizing and commercializing marijuana should not be a states’ rights issue.

Marijuana Decrimilzation

We do not take a position on decriminalization but ask our supporters to explore the position statements of SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) and AALM (Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana) for education on this matter.

Harm Reduction

The Best Harm Reduction is Drug Prevention. Keeping drugs illegal is the best harm reduction. It decreases use and accessibility, thus decreasing the harm. All harm reduction techniques should be science-driven by professionals, not advocates. 

Is Marijuana Legalization Good for Social Justice?

It is popular to say that marijuana was made illegal because of racism. The truth is marijuana was first banned in a military hospital in Mexico City in 1882. where it was used to treat pain in an effort to prevent violence and disorder. Mexico then banned all production, sales, and recreational use in 1920 and the export of marijuana in 19727. This resulted from Egyptian officials asking the international community to join in a treaty to make it illegal around the globe in 1925. It wasn’t until 1985, so 60 years later, that a book by a U.S. author referred to marijuana laws as racist.

Any claim that marijuana is illegal in America because of racism is in conflict with history.

Will more pot shops in our neighborhood and marijuana and in our homes really reduce incarceration rates and improve the quality of life for minorities? We do not think so. Marijuana is an equal opportunity destroyer. Every Brain Matters.

Marijuana Home Grows are a danger to neighborhoods and families

Summary of homegrown dangers:

–Child access increases, and it is impossible to keep away from children under age 21.

–Child & dog poisonings are occurring in homes and at schools. Youths are taking the drug or edibles to school.

–Property crimes such as breaking and entering and personal injury/homicide crimes increase.

–Nuisance to neighbors is a problem (odor, people coming and going at night, drive-by shootings.

–Squatter grows in rented units may make it harder to sell homes after the growers leave.

–Landlords will be stuck with huge utility bills and damage due to odor, and mold permeating drywall, which requires expensive remediation.

–Hash oil manufacturing can cause explosions, injuries, and death.

–Every home grower is a potential drug dealer as they can turn into an illegal black market home-based seller.

–Increase Energy costs and waste.