About Us

Our Mission

The Every Brain Matters community educates about the health and environmental dangers of marijuana and the drug culture expansion by providing support for families and advocacy, all based on lived experiences and science.

The public is being deceived regarding marijuana products and their effects, like cannabis use disordercannabis-induced psychosis, and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which has led to a public health crisis. No matter how much the drug culture expands, we will “Keep On Keepin On” because we wholeheartedly know that Every Brain Matters.

Our Vision

A worldwide coalition where we promote the health of our children, environment, and our future by decreasing the demand for drugs, empowering our families and communities, and supporting drug prevention, education, and recovery efforts. In time, the culture of Every Brain Matters will be accepted in most households, schools, and communities. 

Key points:

  1. Marijuana policy should be driven by science. Drug policies should be based on reputable science, not by profit-driven entities that support drug promotional policies. 
  2. The best harm reduction is drug prevention.  Keeping drugs illegal, along with providing education, decreases demand and use. Increasing accessibility increases use. 
  3. Marijuana (drug) use affects more than just the user. It causes harm to innocent people, such as victims of drug-impaired driving, child neglect or abuse, secondhand smoking, and accidental ingestion.
  4. Marijuana legalization policies are increasing the mental health and addiction crisis, and we do not have resources available to prevent, manage, or recover from cannabis use disorder, cannabis-induced psychosis, and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Marijuana is a causal or risk factor in the addiction, mental illness, homelessness, and violence crisis.
  5. Marijuana state regulatory policies have failed. The FDA approves medications, not state legislators. State marijuana products are not proven to be safe.
  6. The illegal marijuana market has grown exponentially as a result of legalization. 
  7. Marijuana production is an environmental disaster that interferes with the responsible stewardship of the planet. Growers divert streams, rob our water supply, and strain the electrical grid. Marijuana grows, which have become more prevalent in legalized states on Federal lands, are cutting down forests, using banned pesticides and rodenticides, killing species, and depleting resources with no accountability.
  8. It causes widespread costs and societal harm, affecting our lives. It increases car and health insurance, homelessness, government spending (taxes), public health costs, loss of productivity, crime and violence, loss of potential, workplace safety costs, and rising business and housing costs.
  9. No use of marijuana in pregnancy or under the age of 25 is safe.  It is well-established that marijuana use is harmful to the developing brain.
  10. There is no proof high potency (10 mg THC or higher) marijuana is safe for adult use.  Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, cannabis-induced psychosis,  and cannabis use disorder rates are increasing.