How to share your story

Corinne and Sally’s Testimony Workshop

Listen to our testimony workshop with Corinne Gasper and Sally Schindel who have become inspiring speakers and advocates after the loss of their children from the effects of marijuana. This workshop is for anyone willing to share their testimonies about how marijuana impacted their lives but doesn’t know how to take the first steps.

The effects of marijuana and other drugs are real and increasing. The general public doesn’t understand the devastating impacts. So many times it’s hard for us to share honestly how today’s more potent and more dangerous marijuana has affected our lives and families. We understand that sharing your testimony can be painful and feel overwhelming. This workshop will provide you with support, encouragement, anonymity, and the tools to simple steps to raise awareness.

Corinne Gasper is the director of Jennifer’s Messengers, an organization dedicated to honoring her daughter Jennifer and other people killed by marijuana-impaired drivers. Corinne was recently awarded the 2021 Moxie Award from The Drug Free America Foundation.

Sally Schindel, is the founder of Marijuana Victims Alliance and on the National Marijuana Initiative Speakers Bureau and is an advisor and volunteer for multiple organizations including Every Brain Matters. Her son, Andy, died in 2014. Andy’s suicide death is linked to marijuana addiction. He left a powerful message that Sally wants all to know. Andy said, “Marijuana killed my soul + ruined my brain.”

We invite You to share your testimony.

Your testimony is important and will help raise awareness and possibly save lives. We understand that sharing your testimony can be painful and overwhelming. Please consider using our outlines and tips to get started.

Speak from your heart, be honest, take your time, and reach out to us for support. [email protected]

Start with 4 paragraphs. Your testimony doesn’t have to belong.

Outline for a written or video testimony:

1. How was your loved one was like before using marijuana. Give 3 examples with supporting sentences.

2. Describe your life and how your loved one was affected using marijuana or while being exposed to marijuana.

3. Describe how your life is now.

4. Why your you’re speaking out.