Recovery Testimonies from Cannabis/Marijuana

Families need support and hope by learning various healing pathways in this new era of industrialized THC. We gain courage, strength, and hope by hearing other people’s valuable experiences about recovery and grief. Every month, we feature individuals and families recovering from cannabis use disorder, cannabis induced-psychosis, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or recovering from the death of a loved one caused by the effects of marijuana.


Please join us on the first Friday of every month at 6 pm central time zone for inspiring messages about healing from the impacts of marijuana and the drug culture expansion. There will be a Q&A at the end of each meeting. This meeting is free to attend.

Adam Is Experiencing Cannabis-Induced Psychosis, Hear His Testimony of Hope

Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Recovery – Hayden Moreau

Freedom From Marijuana Addiction, Every Brain Matters Speakers Meeting- Jordan Davidson

Gabriel Mondragon – How I Lost My Hand – Cannabis Induced Psychosis/Schizoaffective Disorder

Cannabis-Induced Psychosis, A discussion with Hayden and Aubree to Raise Awareness