Does NBC Mean, Normalizing Big Cannabis?

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July 13th, 2021 was a dark day for America as The TODAY Show threw its hand in the ring of marijuana normalization.

The first segment on NBC that normalized cannabis is called, How Universities Are Preparing Students For The Marijuana Industry 

Letting parents in our country feel good about their kids moving into the marijuana industry is a grave gift from the TODAY show.  Those who have lost their children to today’s high potency marijuana recommend that TODAY refrain from reporting on marijuana unless it always shows the downside of pot in every report.  Brain development continues until 25 and the largest group of marijuana users per capita are 18-25 year-olds, with 12-17 year-olds right behind it. Many of America’s youth are being destroyed neurologically by marijuana. Read more about the families who have lost their loved ones at Moms Strong, Parents Opposed To Pot, Every Brain Matters, and Johnnys Ambassadors.

NBC found a lab that seems to be legitimately testing pot samples, but the public needs to know hundreds of labs in legal states are failing to follow clear testing protocols or objectively evaluate products. The video, Tainted Marijuana, explains this well.

Another reporting depravity by TODAY was their segment called, Today Goes Inside One of The Facilities Legally Allowed To Grow Marijuana

The big failure, in this piece, is that it didn’t point out that real medical research requires standardization among the substances being researched. When talking about plants, standardization is affected by an infinite number of variables.  Just as Dedi Meidi knows and communicates this in his Ted Talk, Behind the smokescreen of medical cannabis  His lab routinely found that one bottle of CBD might work, then the next bottle of CBD from the same company would not work.  Everything affects plant production, light, wind, temperatures, drainage, water, herbicides, and pesticides, etc…. Not controlling for these variables, is to do flawed research.  Hence, homogenously grown plants available in identifiable lots are critical to effective research.  Pulling samples out of a local dispensary is not research-grade material.

America can improve access and processes, but to insinuate the only reason marijuana is Schedule 1 is because a bunch of old, outdated white guys want to maintain control (over whatever) is disingenuous and hurts our country.

Also, unlike what was reported by TODAY, the Schedule 1 status of marijuana in the bill being introduced by Chuck Schumer this week is a very minor issue.  The bulk of the bill will open the American economy to global enterprise crime organizations and hurt the mental health of our nation.  In part, this is because the illicit pot market grows and gets stronger in every state that legalizes it.  Nothing in Senator Schumer’s bill addresses any of this, which creates real danger for everyone.

At best TODAY’s reporting was one-sided.  At worst it is likely to do real damage to at least some of those who were able to be convinced that marijuana is an opportunity and no big deal.  If NBC is going to do clips on marijuana, they need to tell the whole story.  Otherwise, The NBC TODAY show will be complicit in normalizing this drug that is ruining the lives of so many and especially young people.

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