THC: The Human Consequences

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We oppose the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

S.; H.R.  Cosponsors: Senator Booker, Wyden, Schumer (keep scrolling down the page to know why and for key points specifically about this bill)

Some elected officials say legalized states regulate THC safely, but emergency room visits due to marijuana have risen sharply. Doctors say today’s high potency THC is a public health failure. Do you know the risks? You should.

Emergency Room Data: When compared with people who did not use marijuana, cannabis users were 22% more likely to visit an emergency department or be hospitalized, the study revealed.…

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Statement from the Director of Every Brain Matters, Aubree Adams

Hi everyone, my name is Aubree Adams, I’m a former Colorado mom and host mom for youth in recovery.   My son became addicted to marijuana and experienced psychotic episodes from marijuana dabs and then tried to kill himself.

In response to the lack of education, lack of resources, and elected officials ignoring the science, I developed a community called Every Brain Matters.

Toxic THC products have flooded our schools and neighborhoods and are now more accessible and more life-threatening than ever before. Thousands of Americans are becoming addicted, psychotic, suicidal, and homicidal, and even physically ill from potent marijuana products like edibles and vapes which are falsely marketed as medicine, safe, harmless.

It is deceptive and completely incomprehensible to see elected officials like Senator Chuck Schumer say nothing bad has happened as a result of marijuana legalization and tell everyone that he is going to use his clout to pump more drugs into our country during the biggest addiction and mental crisis of our time. Parents can’t protect their children from these promotional drug policies, or the dealers who are setting up shop in our communities and being allowed to grow marijuana in homes right next door.

So today, I beg our elected officials to give a voice to the families impacted by marijuana legalization and harms, and opposed Chuck Schumer’s life-destroying bill

The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act will only administer more drugs into our country and give drug marketers and pushers the opportunity to profit off the destruction of our people and our nation.

Thank you,

Aubree Adams

Watch Smart Approaches to marijuana press conference opposing The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act here:

Write your congress members today and use the following resources below for key points.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana Statement

Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

The Bill’s Shortcomings:

Overall: This bill operates in a fantasy world that assumes the best-case scenario. It fails to address the problems we have seen on a state level regarding legalization including illicit market activity, protections for vulnerable populations, and long-term effects on public health. It also fails to integrate basic public health focused policies such as a ban on advertising flavored products, something we have already banned for tobacco.

The new version of this bill includes several new public health and safety provisions and studies, such as the prevention of advertising to those under 21, labeling requirements, and reporting on legalization’s effect on the workplace. While these are much needed and well-intended, few if any of these provisions are mandatory and they lack any meaningful enforcement or accountability. They are optional, have obvious loopholes, are relegated to the discretion of the current secretary of HHS/FDA or are mere suggestions to the industry.

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