Battle for our Minds

Posted on August 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

This report walks a fine line between what can be disclosed and secrets in the battle for control and destruction of our society. And this is the next, promised report resulting from a national conference on the fight to save our future. Such disclosure would never be written for a major newspaper, and you can be assured, major media won’t touch this subject. Some discussions and disclosures will be made while names of participants will not. It is safe to report that some of Colorado’s leaders laid critical truth on the line for us.

About 20 people from various professions and locations, plus two of us who lost children to use of marihuana, gathered in Miami, Florida for a two-day conference last Wednesday and Thursday. The meeting was behind secure gates and doors with guards. Not a sign could be found to identify the building or offices where this conference was to be held. With special badges, identification checks and air-port style screening devices, we felt safe to discuss this “war” openly, and what happens if we lose and what we must do to win.

At times, words were spoken that seemed conspiratorial and unbelievable while uncovering lies so big there were times breathing had to be forced. There are events in our lives that change us, and this one changed me.

Participants included doctors, psychiatrists, sheriffs, strategists, researchers and others held in confidence. One reporter was in the room—me.

During a meeting before the November Election, a local doctor was asked if marihuana could be the drug that brings us down, and the answer was, “yes.” The same question was asked of a PhD Pharmacist and another at the Conference who is a brain specialist. The answer was the same. If using marihuana “never hurt anybody,” as is the big lie, how would it bring our society down? The answers are coming. Keep reading this and subsequent reports.

So who is involved in promoting pot use besides pushers and profiteers? Perhaps the most disturbing is our own governmental leaders. The photo with this piece shows Democratic U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer autographing a marihuana “bong” for a woman asking him for his endorsement of marihuana use. Oh, there’s more.

Among the shocking information is who this nation is cooperating with to allow mafia to set up “shop,” first in Colorado and now other states. These operators are from known-foreign nations dedicated to destruction of the United States. No longer is a hot-military war necessary to destroy us. Such operations are prolific and growing, primarily in “recreational legal” states. These states are bases of operation, i.e., Colorado serves Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah and Oklahoma. They don’t need every state to be “pot positive,” just “centers for surrounding states.” What places will be served from Michigan? Of course it’s Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Kentucky. By-the-way, Google: “Quincy, Michigan, Marihuana.” Illinois has already fallen in this war, along with all of Canada. Consider; why is there such opposition to the Southern-Border wall? Could free flow of drugs and an open door to drug operators be a reason?

Without intending to be partisan, you must realize liberal leaders are solidly behind making marihuana legal for all. Perhaps a later article will disclose some detail, but not now.

A particularly disturbing realization came through legal minds at the conference, which led to the question I posed; “do we no longer have attorneys with morals?” Stories of how lawsuits were being drawn by lawyers who, for more money than the plaintiff offered, suddenly couldn’t “file the suit in good conscience because ‘everybody knows marihuana never hurt anybody.’” Get the picture? If our legal system is bought off, and we have Chuck Schumer supporting marihuana use, what do we do? Oh yes, John Boehner, former Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is a very vocal supporter of recreational pot. His comment is, “I’m all in.”

There’s not enough room here for the full report. As a veteran who submitted to being used to defend our way of life, I strongly object to this new subversive war that’s picking off our defenses, our professionals, our government, our productivity, our youth, and yes, our future, all under the lie, “Marijuana never killed anybody.”

What’s to come is just as shocking.

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