It’s all about the money

Posted on August 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

  It’s all about the money; the promise of $50,000 an acre. Well, in reality it’s more like $10,000, an Amish website claims. Yes, the Amish have a website, and apparently Pennsylvania Amish are paying attention, based on the claim how CBD oil made from hemp, with up to three-percent THC, is “good for you.” In reality, Amish are recruited because of hard labor it takes to grow the hemp plant with the base of the stalk growing up to four inches. Harvest is done by using hand saws to cut it down for processing. And, there’s the issue of the tap root that is exceedingly difficult to dig up. No wonder half of the CBD oil available on the market is all olive oil. But, the lazy and high pot users will let the unassuming Amish grow and harvest it for them.

  Even with a website, not many Amish have computers to investigate the issue, or have the ability to research the science of CBD and marijuana/ cannabis. Should you know members of the Amish community, relay this article.

  A few days ago, Phil Drum, a PhD Pharmacist spent over 90-minutes with me on the phone. Dr. Drum is passionate about the cannabis/marijuana problem in his home state of California. His sister died when a driver, high on THC, plowed into her car, and hit still another car causing additional serious injury. He was ordered to pay $53,000 restitution, but for months had coughed up a measly $19 toward his debt.

  Dr. Drum urged me to watch the YouTube video called, “Seattle is Dying,” a forecast of Michigan’s society if we keep pandering weed. See photos on Facebook/Seattle Looks Like S***. And, he told me how rush-hour drivers at four to eight p.m. are more likely to be driving while high. Call it “Death on the way Home.” Examples of houses and apartments exploding from processing cannabis were relayed, along with school-bus crashes caused by pot-high drivers. However, the most impactful information was emailed regarding research papers related to marijuana in the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s PubMed website. There you will find 30,000 publications, dating from 1840 to this week, related to marijuana and the endocrine system.

  Another person in our group with Dr. Drum, searched the PubMed site and came away saying, the claim how “We need more research [on marijuana] is a Trojan Horse and based on lies.” Results from reading, and reading and reading, revealed effects of weed are, in this order: violence, murder, birth defects, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disease and damage to the endocrine system. Oh, “it never killed anybody?”

  If you are not familiar with the endocrine system, here’s the definition: “glands that produce and secrete hormones, chemical substances that regulate activity of cells and organs. They regulate body growth, metabolism, sexual development and function.” Want to mess all that up in your body? Recently, a “doctor” was quoted as saying, “The only biological damage from pot use is bad teeth.” This must be Doctor Delusional.

  Yes, I have the list of these 30,000 studies on marijuana/cannabis, and I’m giving it all to our office. Should you want it, email or call the Lakeview Area News.

  How objectionable and morally repugnant is it to entice the Amish community to do dirty work and hard labor under the lie, “it’s good for you.” Whether it’s this list of many thousands of studies, or the 200 published this year, they all sound the warning of danger to your health and society by promoting and using cannabis, marijuana and products associated with it.

  Oh, one more thing. An excuse given the Amish, claiming no harm, is the definition of hemp, which includes THC content of three-percent or less. It’s the same strength the hippies smoked in the 60’s and 70’s, and they were stoned out of their minds, causing self delusion. Don’t buy it, my Amish friends. Don’t be lured into something we know you stand against.

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