Neighbor, we have a Problem

Posted on August 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

From legalizing possession of mind-altering drugs in our state to the Federal Government shutting down over temper-tantrum politics, signs are blazingly clear that we have some serious, nation-destroying activities among us.

Liberal thinking would go to such thoughts as this is a resistance-to-change issue, but that’s not it. Change always happens; something we cannot change. The problem is low-information voters, an education system teaching socialism, which has never worked, and destruction of minds through prophets of fun, lying that “it never hurt anyone.”

Attending one court session in Stanton, Michigan, during Thursday-morning arraignments, proves how damaging illegal drugs (marihuana too) is to our local society. The majority of cases involving all sorts of crime from domestic abuse, resisting police, assault and much more involve illegal, and even some legal, mind-altering drugs. Montcalm County’s Court system is 25-percent over budget. This means taxpayers are footing the bill for the aftermath of poor judgments brought on by impaired thinking from use of mind-altering drugs. Do drug users care about law-abiding; rationally-thinking citizens? Do they care who funds the court system, law enforcement, jails or what happens next? Nope! Still, our own county voted for legalized “recreational” pot use. Friends, you just voted yourselves a tax increase to pay for someone else’s stupidity.

If we fail to come together and solve our issues, resist the demise of capitalism and promotion of socialism, we’re on the path to destruction. If we let our legislators in Washington continue down this path, ask this question; where do we go to start over when it all collapses and tyranny rules? There is no new west coast. There is no new vastness of land on the planet where you are welcome to return to individual freedoms, raise your children in your code of conduct or stand for rule of law rather than of men.

If you haven’t heard calls to abandon our Constitution, it’s time to pay attention because they’ve already started. The principles resulting in the progress we enjoy today are being challenged as “old” and “out of date.” Perhaps it’s time to decide and stick with the decision whether to live in chaos, give everybody a feel-good, momentary satisfaction injection, or realize freedom is expensive in lives and resources.

Thomas Jefferson made it clear; we the people have the right to replace a government that no longer works. Well, it’s not working. Now, what do we do? Choose freedom or tyranny; it’s time to make the choice. Give our representatives, particularly our Senators and Representatives in Washington, advice and do it every day. Where’s the app for instant and constant contact with these people? Or, is it time to recall them, even after a recent election?

Change is going to happen. The choice is whether it’s positive or negative. Evil votes for negative and for destruction of our way of life. We are a “Government of the People and for the People.” This is the time for us to insist on the “by the People” part we seem to have forgotten.

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