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By Joe Tilton

November 28, 2019

  The Lakeview Area News was in the room when two people took advantage of the “public comment” portion of the agenda to promote marijuana.

  One woman, whose name we could not understand, began by claiming the usual; jobs and tax revenues, plus criticizing how marijuana users had four dispensaries in Lowell to buy pot, and it should be available in Greenville. These proponents are not the same as those attempting to force Montcalm Township into production, distribution and sales, even though the group pushing the township and refusing to accept their decision to opt out, are the same people with CBD sales facilities in Greenville.

  The second person to speak was Nick Miles, who identified himself as a “hemp farmer.” He claimed marijuana is “misunderstood,” and how it will have a great impact on the economy. Washington State’s claim is $319-million in tax revenue has been received, but Miles stopped short of relaying what the costs to government have been there. “Money from marijuana can fix roads and benefit the DARE Program,”

  Miles said. DARE stands for “Drug Abuse Resistance Education.” Previous research has revealed how anticipated tax revenue from pot in Michigan would repair (not build) two miles of four-lane highway. Miles went on to promote something called the “Green Medicine Shop,” and allow local farmers to start growing cannabis/marijuana. “You should research more about cannabis,” Miles continued. “It will do a lot of good for the country.”

  The Greenville Council sat silent without response to either marijuana proponent. The Lakeview Area News has been told of a business put in place with a long-term goal to be a major marijuana distribution retailer. It’s not known if either speaker has connections with the retailer already in business.

  An agenda item, the destruction of buildings at 910 W. Grove, was approved at a cost of $15,321. The property owner has 21-days to improve the building; however photos showed how the largest building, a house, has no roof. The owner can apply to the Circuit Court in Stanton for relief; still cost of repair would be much greater than demolishing and building something new.

  Four bids had been received for investment in excess funds being held by the City Government. Meryl Lynch in Portage, Michigan was selected.

  The council meeting started abruptly at 7:30 Tuesday evening, and ended just as abruptly at 8:00.

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