High Potency Marijuana Affects All brains, From Prenatal To Seniors

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My 68-year-old husband of 32 years and father to our three wonderful children, went into a Cannabis psychosis experiencing delusions on January 7, 2021.  

In 1969, at the age of 14, he became a marijuana user to cope with his parent’s divorce. In 2010, and still using it, he started vaping high potency THC oil and eating edibles. He became paranoid when he consumed too much. Usually, within  24-36 hours, his symptoms would subside.  

However, this was not the case after a week-long trip to Vail, Colorado for New Years 2021. He consumed a lot of edibles and vaped high-potency THC oil the whole trip. On January 7, 2021, he forever changed right in front of me.  

This drug not only destroyed my husband, but our marriage, and it tore apart our family.  His early warning signs were not taken seriously and he continued to use it because we were told and believed it was “safe”. We had no idea what the consequences would ultimately be. Had we known, I believe he would have stopped using it or at least very least, he would have been able to make educated decisions based on facts, not false assumptions.

This can never happen to another family.  I lost a husband, father, friend, business leader, and a once happy and fun person, to this drug, because we were lied to. Ignorance did not protect us.  It’s not a matter of if someone will go into a Cannabis psychosis, it’s a matter of when.  

People must be made aware of the risks associated with consuming this drug and the signs of psychosis. There is a window of opportunity to get help if the symptoms persist.  If after a month they are still in the psychosis they need to seek help immediately. If after 6 months and their condition is ignored, it will become very difficult to treat, and their condition could advance to schizophrenia.  

We are past the window of opportunity for my husband.  As I was crying out for help, I was hit with such resistance, because no one ever heard of cannabis psychosis. And very few people knew of my husband’s cannabis use. It is very easy to hide these days.

This is a real problem that is only going to get worse if we don’t start educating the public.  For those of us who have been hurt by this new high-potency cannabis, we are asking for proper labeling on ALL products and to make people aware of the dangers, so they can make educated decisions as to whether or not they want to consume this drug.

My husband is a part of the ground zero tragedy that is sweeping the country.  We allow the public to be educated on how high potency marijuana affects all brains, from prenatal to seniors. Our lives have forever changed. We have a responsibility to protect people and their families. Please do not turn a blind eye.

Ellie Thomas

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