The decision is likely to be made about medical marihuana distribution

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Dec 28, 2017

Another big board meeting at Montcalm Township is January 10, Wednesday evening at seven. This is when the decision is likely to be made about medical marihuana distribution through dispensaries in that township. 

Previous meetings of their planning commission has seen a few people from the township against the proposition show up, and a much larger crowd of pro-marihuana people that live outside the boundaries. It’s anticipated that a petition, now being circulated among the 3,178 residents to “force” the board to approve the measure, will be presented. There’s no mention or indication that a counter petition is available for signatures. Both sides claim the majority of residents are on “their side.” No doubt, the event will see standing-room only attendance. 

And, open discussions indicate that a city in Montcalm County is looking at permitting at least one medical-marihuana dispensary. We are watching the process carefully and will report on those developments. 

Licensing activities have interrupted reporting of a critical issue. “Critical” means life and death as it relates to marihuana. If you have anyone in your household under 21, this is must-read information. 

A recent trip to the pharmacy to fill a prescription resulted in being called to the side for a one-on-one discussion about the drug. In this case, the pills are very common, non-addictive and literally impossible to overdose on them. Still, the pharmacist reviewed the three-page document that accompanied the prescription to be sure the dangers were explained. The part emphasized was interaction with other drugs and how effectiveness would change when combined with other substances. 

There are two drugs prevalent in Michigan’s society routinely used outside the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or pharmacies. These two, marihuana and alcohol, do not come with documents explaining interaction or what happens if you use them together. You are about to find out. 

A website exists that promotes ways to get “high” with use of common over-the-counter products. For example, one cough-syrup user reported a near-death experience from taking too much of it and warned others not to try it. Ironic it is that a site promoting “going out of your mind” would warn not to do something. Strangely, there is no warning about alcohol and marihuana. Potentially the warning is not there because pro-marihuana information claims zero death from its use. 

The truth is that the combination sets up reactions in the human body that are gross, deadly and to be avoided. Parties where both pot and beer are available, or where the word “crossfade” is used, should mean leaving the event –immediately. 

Doing both causes a “blissed-out” state of mind.

Other words causing extreme alarm are, “Greening out” – a nauseous sensation, kicks in when you drink too much before smoking pot. You feel sick and overwhelmed. You won’t like that feeling – no fun. Don’t think that the method of using pot changes the feeling Dabbing, vaping or eating cannabis can enhance the risks to your body and brain, and the higher the levels of THC the greater the risk Using both means you increase the risk of psychological problems and psychotic behaviors, and not just during the event.

What happens mentally is one thing. What happens in your body is another. When too much alcohol is in your body, the normal method of getting it out of your system is vomiting. THC, the active ingredient in marihuana, suppresses the urge to vomit, which can lead to drowning on your own vomit. 

 A group called “Project Know,” writes: “Both drugs have also been known to be contributing factors in fatal car accidents and many drivers involved in crashes tested positive for both alcohol and marihuana in blood tests.”Of course, the pro-marihuana groups blame the alcohol alone for crashes, and have spoken openly that no auto crashes are caused by marihuana. Project Know continues: “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports marihuana is the most prevalent illicit drug involved in incidents of driving under influence in recent years. The combination of marihuana and alcohol is dangerous even in low doses. 

Long term use of both can cause withdrawal symptoms more severe when compared to withdrawing from just alcohol or marihuana alone.”

The University of Michigan’s study of high school student use of marihuana shows that 21.4 –percent used within 30-days of their study in 2010, while 19.2-percent smoked tobacco And heavy use of marihuana before age 21 takes a huge toll on the user and society. 

A long-range study reported by Forbes, indicates that smoking marihuana permanently lowers IQ, even in people who had given up pot. Deficits in memory, concentration and overall IQ are found in heavy pot use prior to age 18, by an average of eight (8) points. Forbes shows the difference in earning power of a 110 IQ with an average net worth of $71,000, while a person with 120 IQ’s average net worth is $128,000.Smoking pot can lower your tax bracket! Michigan’s industries are hard pressed to find drug-free workers. 

If you must use marihuana, never, never use it with alcohol. Before age 21, leave it alone or you pay the rest of your life.

Do your own research. It’s our life. One side is doing their best to convince you marihuana is good for Michigan, including government. The other side is sounding the alarm. 

Joe Tilton

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