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Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

Stories about youth dying from marijuana use are coming in at alarming rates while the pot industry continues the lie; “it never killed anybody.” As various anti-pot organizations come together, more deaths are being realized from direct use, overdoses, traffic crashes by drivers high on pot and suicide. This claimed “cure everything” miracle “weed” is not so fabulous and research is connecting these deaths with THC. Here are some examples of marijuana’s devastation.

Sally Schindel, a mom who lives in Arizona, lost her young son, Andy, to suicide after he left a note that read, “Marijuana killed my soul.” Yes, he was addicted. Her story was relayed on Fox and Friends one Sunday morning about a month ago, and the follow up was a rash of calls to report similar incidents in other families.

Corinne LaMarca, an Ohio mom’s 20-year-old daughter was on her way to work early one morning. The new job was exciting to this top-of-her-class graduate. She waited at the traffic light and took off when it turned green. Her car was T-boned by a Michigan medical-marijuana-card holder, doing 82 miles an hour. He was high. Tunnel vision caused by pot meant he didn’t see the traffic light, and since THC makes you think you’re going slow, his speed on the city street was obviously excessive. Corinne’s daughter was instantly killed. The driver on pot lived.

Karen Randal, of Florida, lost two children to pot, both by suicide and about a year apart. Her son was addicted. He ingested high-potency (defined as above 10-percent) that caused a psychotic episode. While he was out of his mind, he took his life. And then her daughter died after leaving a text that read, in part, “Pot makes me a better mom.” That didn’t work out so well. Karen was so grief stricken, last week, even after four years, she couldn’t take telling the story to members of Congress any longer, so she left early.

Monday I heard from Dennis Lynch. His son died the same way my son Jody died; mixing alcohol with THC.

A family not wanting their identity revealed, told of their foreign exchange student from Africa who tried high-potency THC for the first time, and died. He had a psychotic episode and jumped to his death.

As of the third week of January, the death toll from marijuana in California alone was 593. And that’s with many pathologists leaving out discovery of THC in dead people when they perform toxicology tests. One well-known forensic Pathologist said during an interview with us on June 8, that THC found in victim’s blood is routinely left out of reports. This means death tolls are likely much higher than reports indicate.

THC is being distilled, just like alcohol is, beginning in the early 1900’s. As long as the big lie prevails, these high-potency products will keep killing our youth as long as parents also believe the lie that it won’t kill you, as they associate 60’s “pot” with today’s products. They are radically different.

So much was learned while walking the halls of Congress. More articles will follow.

Save your family and the nation. Reject everything marijuana. This is the drug that will bring our nation down. Must we begin with Michigan?

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