Climate Change and Marijuana

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

A process accommodating humanity’s need for meaning and purpose is religion, which is a particular system of faith and worship. Religion is also, a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. Both climate change and marijuana are now of “supreme importance” to a significant percentage of our population. Still, established religious orders promoting code of conduct and adherence to civility are not speaking out about these two great modern-day replacements for civility. Do we benefit from replacing civility teaching with something we cannot change, if it’s real, and a self-delusional drug causing us to believe we’re right when we’re not?

Climate change (warming) has been continuous since the ice age. Since the 19th century, temperatures have risen 0.2° to 0.6°C + but, we have believed anecdotes about hundreds of scientists sounding the alarm of rising sea levels, hurricanes and forest fires. Another study found surface temperatures have been taken amid blacktop locations to be more reliable than remote sensors, raising questions of whether hotter temperatures are real.

How did climate change turn into an anti-capitalist front? The so-called “tree huggers” have elevated the issue to a powerful stream of anti-human sentiment, declaring the need to reduce population via abortion and other excuses for genocide. Reality is; you can leave if you believe this. And, why has our role in planetary responsibility and clean air trumped feeding the hungry only since 1960?

If you’re old enough, you might remember the prediction of mass starvation by 2000. Obviously, that didn’t happen. What actually happened is there are more fat people than starving in the world today. Climate change has become an absolutely catastrophic- nightmarish mess. Here’s where we must separate science from politics from religion. And yes, it’s true; some major church organizations are all about teaching climate change at the peril of the children they claim to benefit.

The close companion to this delusion is the legalization of the drug that is accurately called the “self-delusional” drug. With permanent changes in brains of people under age 25, climate change is a convenient hook to pull us away from reality and responsibility of life. Before popularizing pot, society admired people who overcame struggles and adversity, or worked their way from poverty to riches. We also admired people with a sound and practiced code of conduct. To admit you believe in God and expected children to learn to overcome through truth was admirable. But now, we allow escape from responsibility through delusion supported by the welfare system to a point where law enforcement and courts are discouraged from holding users with delusional thinking accountable.

The connection between global climate change and marijuana is this; projections are unreliable and we don’t know how to change a problem we cannot measure. Delusional reasoning is believing we can change the climate, and the more people on THC (delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol), the ingredient in marijuana to get high that permanently changes adolescent’s brains, the more will be brought into the anti-humanity, anti-capitalists thinking and believe any lie they’re fed.

We’re being told marijuana is good for you, and that too is a lie.

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