Continuing Marihuana Education

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

In spite of a major effort on the part of Healthy and Productive Michigan and other groups to educate voters before November’s vote on recreational marihuana, so much is misunderstood about chemicals, their uses and results caused in the human body.

The previously-reported national conference on marihuana, which is being reported only here, shed the brightest light on what THC and other products from the plant will do to us individually and collectively. Several conference members reconvene in Atlanta, Georgia in April to continue strategy sessions and gather the latest research information, which includes legal action designed to inform our society. We must understand marihuana and opioids to avoid catastrophic results from lies being told to satisfy stoners and profiteers.  

The marihuana plant contains 400 chemicals and compounds. Some are benign while the most toxic is THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol).  Understand the benign first. As recently as this week, we’ve heard some in authority fail to understand; marihuana is NOT medicine. THC is what it is regardless of how it’s delivered or what it’s called. 

CBD, an oil derivative of marihuana, a somewhat popular product, does not cause hallucinogenic incidents because there is no THC, the psycho element, in the oil. To date, the oil is in the homeopathic category unless a grower “spikes” the oil with THC. Caution, the Food and Drug Administration has not tested nor reviewed CBD. There is no “approval” of CBD, but it may be beneficial, if you think it is. The accompanying photo was taken from where you can purchase the oil. We have found dispensaries selling the oil with claims of miracle cures at higher prices, which is also true on Amazon. One local distributor made claims of “a high at first but then it goes away.” Such sales gimmick is only that. The insignia insinuating FDA approval, as seen in the photo, is bogus and illegal. By Federal Law it’s not legal for the FDA to test anything associated with marihuana. You can legally buy CBD oil and use it. Now you have the bottom line on CBD.

No matter what you call it, medical or recreational, THC is the same substance. With a suitcase full of facts learned in Miami, Florida last week, it’s tempting to dump them all to convince our corner of the world to keep it away. Some of the information is shocking and loaded with proof marihuana DOES hurt and kill people. Still, here’s one reason you must keep it away from children—even second-hand pot smoke. Male users from ages 12 to 17, with once-a-week exposure, have an 80-percent higher rate of testicular cancer. Want grandchildren?  Better keep them far away for marihuana. Suicide attempts are increased seven fold in users. What will children do when pot-smoking parents are diagnosed with permanent schizophrenia? We’re closing mental-health facilities. The options are reduced to jail or prison at taxpayer’s expense and the affected person’s productivity is eliminated from society. Or, you can feed, house and clothe a stoner while exposing grandchildren to the second-hand smoke.

If an enemy of this nation could convince us they were giving our youth something to make them

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