Delusion Setting In

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

Perhaps you have also noticed where rioting is taking place. Some scientists are equating how high-use marijuana locations, in parallel with recreational-legal pot locations, are places erupting in rioting. Does this realization mean delusional actions (riotous demands) by mostly youth in these drug-permissive places are happening, at least in part, because cannabis is so widely used there?

Washington State, for example, believed the big-tax money lie from the marijuana industry and legalized it. Who wants to move to Seattle now? How has that worked out for them?

Last year, $400-million in tax revenue was collected by Washington State, generated by the $1.7-billion pot industry. Still, the entire industry accounts for 1.5-percent of the state’s budget. “Driving under the influence is off the charts,” one police chief said.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana released two more studies this week showing how Federal legalization of cannabis will result in 6,800 more deaths in traffic fatalities. The Journal of the American Medical Association study is based on actual results from states where marijuana legalization has happened. Researchers are asking for government to stop the relaxation of laws against pot.

Use of cannabis by young adults in Washington State has more than doubled due to “recreational” use, costing the state more than they bargained for. A full 40-percent of their population is receiving some level of social services, and that number is rising, and now riots are destroying their state’s reputation.

What’s happening in Colorado? They won’t even release their statistics. So much negative from cannabis was coming out in 2016 that reporting was halted. Colorado’s Department of Transportation let information slip recently that shows users of high-potency marijuana in their state believe driving while high on the drug is safe and are skeptical of laws, policies and data regarding stoned driving.

Reports show that 18-percent of people involved in fatal crashes in Colorado were high on THC. Washington State has seen traffic fatalities triple since legalization, Tripple-A’s study shows. Dr. Kevin Sabet writes, “One thing is clear: marijuana-related traffic fatalities in ‘legal’ states far outpace non-legal ones. This indicates a clear need for more research into marijuana-impaired driving and its immediate impacts.” If Sabet is correct, Michigan’s traffic deaths will dramatically increase.

Some information is leaking from California, and it’s so alarming that attention is being focused there. We have been promised information from studies underway. Will the information reverse conclusions from 30,000 other studies of what marijuana does?

What’s more alarming is what pot is doing to individuals. We know how THC on the brain causes depression in the initial stages, and aggression in long-time users, not to mention the traffic crashes from driving under the influence. But, is pot the reason for delusional rioting? Belief that the answer is “yes” is increasing. An example of delusional thinking is report of multiple shootings and one murder in the “No Cop Zone” in Seattle. You guessed it, they called the police!

This marijuana issue is now messing with the mind of our nation in ways that threaten our very existence. What happens to this nation if everybody is delusionally high, expecting somebody else to be responsible to earn money and give them weed? Who will those “somebody’s” be? A sure way to submit your independence and possibly your life, is to use cannabis/marijuana.

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