Good News about Marihuana

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

…if there such a thing. Smart Approaches to Marihuana (SAM) has come to the forefront as the leading and most effective soldier in the fight against legalizing pot. And just when it appeared more states would fall to big-money, and predatory actions against our youth, SAM’s staff has scored a major victory.

It’s no secret how JUUL, a marihuana company, and major growers, even in Michigan, are seeking major investment money to promote this devastating product among youth to build their future market. The template for sales success of dangerous drugs began in 1918 with emergence of big tobacco when they added nicotine, believed by many to be more addictive than heroin. SAM’s approach has been to educate the public while drying up funds for investment. It’s this second piece that’s made news. Dr. Kevin Sabet contacted this reporter with this news:

The good news is; Norway’s sovereign wealth fund [for retirees] will reverse a decision to invest 900 million NOK into various marijuana companies and companies with ties to the marijuana industry. This decision comes after SAM partnered with a broad coalition of concerned citizens and associations in the country to apply pressure on the fund to withhold investment. In response to this groundbreaking announcement, Sabet wrote:

      “Several weeks ago, we were approached by concerned individuals who felt this investment was a gross violation of ethics and Norwegian law for their pension fund, We were happy to partner in researching and assisting them as they ratcheted up pressure on this fund. When the leadership was made aware these companies – who take massive investments from Big Alcohol and Big Tobacco – actively market child-friendly, highly potent marijuana gummies, candies, and other edibles that are addictive and harmful, the decision to invest in them was revoked. This is a banner day for public health and an example of SAM’s global leadership on this issue. Not only are we helping defeat legalization bills across the United States this year, we are also working to cut off international investment into the second coming of Big Tobacco.”

Even in Montcalm County, the legalization of marihuana is still a question in citizens’ minds. One defendant, who had been ordered to refrain from mind-altering drugs, violated the court order and smoked pot. She said, “I thought it was legal now.” She was sent to jail for her probation violation.

In the meantime, marihuana is being sold by dispensaries not yet licensed, and Michigan’s Supreme Court has felt sorry for these “poor sellers,” due to their confusion. Of course, the “state is to blame.” Heaven forbid pushers could ever be responsible for their actions.

A shocker came last week when Grand Rapids officials announced permission for their first “medical” marihuana dispensary. State licenses will not be awarded until the initiative petition voters approved in November, goes through court tests, anticipated to be completed in about two years.

As SAM and other anti-marihuana organizations continue efforts to make dangers of pot known, they ask reasonably-thinking people to never invest in “pot stocks” or encourage distribution of marihuana, in any form, to be used—at all. 

     There is zero difference in “medical” or “recreational” pot. THC doesn’t change because we attach a different name, and health benefits do not appear because we have ‘Healthy Partners” doling out licenses to unsuspecting youth.

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