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Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

Among unique and precious qualities of humanity, the most abused is communication. Abuse comes in the ability and choice to lie for personal gain. And if a lie results in ill-gotten gains, truth brings rightness and benefit to all who tell it and hear it. Follow that with the age old question; what is truth? I wrote a book about it, so that discussion is not repeated here, except for a series of amazing lies discovered this past week.

Lies are being presented with intensity since the get-rich-quick scheme mongers smell the growing link of money and marihuana (marijuana as some spell it).

A quick look, born of curiosity, at what my home State of Oklahoma has done with the pot issue revealed hundreds of names and locations of “dispensaries” where citizens, over 18, can buy marihuana under the “medical” title. Truth is, there is no difference in how THC is packaged or named, it is still marihuana. The lies are in titles of these locations, such as, “The Wellness Center.” (There is no connection in fact or implied with the comparable title in Lakeview.) Another one in Oklahoma is called, “CBD Wellness.” Here are some others: Higher Health, Med Shed, Pure Wellness Medical, Nature’s Fix—all listed among 56, single-spaced pages.

Not many years ago Oklahoma debate raged over “liquor by the drink” laws that prohibited a customer from buying a single hard-liquor drink in a bar. Even now, buying liquor in a Walmart is not happening there. But now, getting stoned any day of the week is easy in that ultra-conservative, Baptist-dominated state. What happened to allow mind-altering drug distribution to be so prevalent there? It’s the lie.

“Marijuana never killed anybody” is the claim, the lie. “Marijuana never hurt anybody” is another. These lies are so predominant that attorneys won’t take marijuana cases to court in fear that juries are prejudiced in favor of pot.

Consider the big picture. We scientifically know that one in six pot users are addicted. We also know for sure how even casual pot use adds to depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, hallucinations, anxiety, memory loss, perception, motor skills degradation, mental degeneration, and in final stages, aggression. Why would we dare vote on a medicine, leaving the decision for another person to use something, with no research at all, just believing a lie? What other medicine have you had the “democratic right” to vote on? What other medicine do you smoke?

Consider the real reasons pot is in so many homes. A) It’s a way to get rich from misery of others and B) it’s the fastest slide to communism. Way out there? Oh no. Right from the communist website, are these words, “A communist wants more. A communist seeks the abolition of property, whether held by the state or private firms and citizens; they want all of us to own everything equally and become our own dictators. A communist seeks conditions to end the state entirely and have all human society collectively managed.”

How can they do that? Answer: by causing us to forget what freedom and personal gain through using our minds and personal skills is about. The fast way to reach those goals is through the lie, “it never hurt anybody,” while devastation sets in. A sure way to make us all the same, is to make us equally mentally ill, schizophrenic and aggressive. Capitalism is literally, use of your mind. “Capitalis” is Latin that literally means “head.” Destroy what goes on in your head and capitalism is over, which is a communists’ dream. Make us all dependent and you can be assured you will not be “your own dictator.”

Next month another series of scientific studies will be released to inform on what marihuana actually does to your mind and body. We will be at the scene to report the findings. Be prepared; these truths will be attacked with more lies.

 In the meantime, don’t buy the lies. The truth, whether you think it is or not, will set you free. The marijuana lie will bind you, permanently. 

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