LAN Attends National Drug Summit

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

In the wake of Michigan’s vote to legalize “recreational” marijuana, plus the horrendous death rate from illegal drugs, a choice was made to hear from the experts, including the President, on this most serious of all issues facing us.

Other stories, such as the county’s Board of Commissioners, legislative update and several others, were set aside to attend the eighth-annual Rx Summit in Atlanta, April 22nd through 25th. We were the only media from Michigan to attend the conference.

With four full days of information and round-table discussions in the evenings, we brought back too much to disclose in one edition, although we’re trying. You will find several articles on page __ to explain as much as possible in available space.

There definitely is a correlation between marijuana and harder drugs, as you will see. Pot pushers will deny the link, but information contained in these articles is correct. Now we know how our positive-to-pot vote in November is going to hurt Michigan in ways hidden from us to get the “yes” vote. Warnings related in these stories are supported by research rather than hype or lies by an industry careing only for your money and using addiction to support their sales. 

Our nation is in trouble and we must acknowledge the issue. We are experimenting with the brains of our youth and betting on drugs known to injure and kill, while we use terms such as “recreational” to excuse what we’re doing.

The Lakeview Area News is in the national loop with contacts in the right places for the latest research for bottom-line truth of it all.

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