LAN goes to Washington

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

A group winning many battles against legalized marihuana, has asked this reporter to come to Washington, D.C. this week to meet with several Congress members before a vote to, effectively, call off the FDA and allow growers to sell their product outside the usual testing and purity standards.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) is leaning on us who have lost children to death as a result of marijuana use.  The three-day trip concludes today (Thursday), meaning a detailed report will be in next week’s Lakeview Area News.

During an extensive conversation with an attorney who has studied the issue carefully, we learned the House Bill would directly violate the Constitution, still there seems to be little interest in following the Law—even by Congress.  It’s known how big money is being spent, by George Soros for one, to counteract our efforts to sway the mostly liberal members toward a “NO” vote anticipated for today.

The question was asked.  “If it reaches the President’s desk, will he sign it?”  The answer was; I don’t know.  Apparently a member of the President’s family is a fan of marijuana, giving the pro-pot people an inside track.

Since last week, deeper research shows sales of CBD oil, much of which is only olive oil, is not legal and has not been approved by the FDA for sale.  We’ve also learned how some event coordinators have banned CBD from events for the same reason; it’s illegal in its present form.

Whether it’s been reported or not, it’s worth review how the vaping-device company, JUUL, is a marijuana-based company.  Also, Marlboro, which is “big tobacco,” is also diving deeply into the marijuana industry through billions in investment.

While the industry appears too big to fight, we have learned how Oregon growers have been so aggressive that a six-year supply is on the shelves if they did not sow one more seed.  California and Washington are also seeing an access supply.  The good news is; their anticipated “smoke-for-all” is not happening.  The spin-off effect means markets are now out of state, which cause interstate commerce, and that’s deeply regulated, FDA or not.  A whole new set of laws now apply.  Still, what does Law have to do with marijuana?  Nothing when the mafia is involved and they are—deeply.

Senator Outman’s Bill, now Law, making possession of vaping equipment by minors illegal, is a wonderful setback for JUUL, specifically.  This company is advertising their product, which is a set-up for marihuana use the moment it’s legal in Michigan, and possibly before.  The problem is use of concentrates and even nicotine.

Additionally, two incidents in Mt. Pleasant involving marijuana have shocked their community.  One event apparently happened in the high school, involving cookies laced with, according to some reports, high-concentrate THC.  The cookies were consumed by students unaware of the ingredients.  Our investigation indicates eight students needed medical attention after eating the cookies.

The other incident involved a 14-year-old student bringing a quantity of pot to school.  It appears it was being smoked in the restroom, but the Principal found it in a trash can.  The student admitted bringing it to school.  Parents of the boy have been reluctant to cooperate.  The middle-school incident was referred to prosecution in the county.

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