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Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

A reader called to challenge results of a study in Colorado, recently released to the strategy-group meeting in Miami in January. The information related is; a 12-to-17 year-old, using marijuana once a week has an 80-percent higher risk of testicular cancer.

Of course, that’s startling information and could be a deterrent to the pot industry picking up more customers. The caller claimed to have a PhD and a subscriber to the Lakeview Area News since the ‘80’s , although this Publication was established in 2006. Regardless, the question deserves an answer.

The source of the latest information is a prominent psychiatrist plus PhD pharmacist. I know their names; however I will not disclose that information until they release this and other details of the Colorado study. Call it “made up” if you like, but it’s not. What I can disclose is that three independent studies from 2009 (Daling JR, et al. Association of marijuana use and the incidence of testicular germ cell tumors; 225(6): 1215-1223) and 2012 (Lackson et al. Population-based case-control study of recreational use and testis cancer risk, 188:5374-83), have shown a 50-percent increase. Still another study, concluded in 2011 (Trabert et al, Cancer 2011; 117:848-53) reached the same result.

This new and startling information is coming out now because the Trump Administration restarted research and opposition strategic planning against marijuana. The Obama Administration cancelled the group, so there’s an eight-year release delay in information to, apparently, give the pot industry a jump on opposition to legalization. You can see remnants of that thinking from certain members of Congress, such as Senator Cory Booker, a Presidential candidate, and the super-liberal member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Republicans should not feel smug since former House Speaker John Boehner is a leading proponent of legalized pot.

Now that more research is being done with experience from states where “recreational” and “medical” (there’s no difference) use has existed for a while, and concentrations are dramatically higher, new data is arriving. Don’t be surprised when you learn how national and political enemies are rising up to hide this new information. Non-medical information is also alarming. Local and state proponents and dealers will face foreign mafia reaction and resistance when a struggle for the lucrative market further develops.

Our enemy’s dream is silent killers, the kind that “kills us softly” while protecting infrastructure, but attacks our youth, defenses and productivity. Pot is that perfect weapon of war.

If you or your family members use or plan to begin use of marijuana, at least be informed. Besides testicular cancer, add depression, psychosis, schizophrenia and hallucinations to pot use. It causes aggression in later stages, and one-in-six teen users become addicted. How do we know? The number-one cause of drug-related emergency-room visits is now marijuana. Read about other issues by reviewing 

Further reports, the caller does not want public, will be published, and when they are, full details will be reported here.

A front-page article we ran a short time ago was on CBD oil, a derivative of the marijuana plant. Additional information since that article is that 40 samples were tested by the FDA, all from different companies selling the product. Seventeen of those tested contained traces of THC, and only one was pharmaceutical grade, which means you really don’t know what you’re getting. Claims of FDA approval are bogus.

In an effort to deliver information ahead of publication, we released that one alarming piece of a new study. The week the whole study is available, you will have it, including detailed source information. Even the old studies done with lower THC concentrations show 50-percent increase. How is that acceptable for your family’s young men?

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