Rx Summit #5

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

As a parent who lost a child to the illegal-drug industry, marijuana with alcohol added, finding good news at the Summit was a goal.  As presentations were made and numbers disclosed, it began to feel that the gathering was going to be about “how bad things are.”

The case of methamphetamine was surprisingly, a bright spot during the four days in Atlanta.  First, consider how meth is hurting us and where it’s coming from.

Michigan is experiencing a hike in the number of meth labs, which is augmented by shipments from “mega labs” in Mexico.  You may think the wall requested by the President is “fake news” but the meth coming through the border is very real.

A personal evaluation comes from an education in auto paint and body.  Classes explaining the dangers of chemicals used in the process of painting a car were impressed on students and with very good reason; they will kill you.  When realization that the same and other chemicals are mixed to manufacture a multi-layered death potion called methamphetamine and consumed, the resulting so-called “high” is from the brain fighting for its life.  Does meth cause brain damage?  You decide.

The positive news from the Summit was announcement of a new injection called Buprenorphine.  (Brand names include Belbuca, Probuphine, Butrans and Buprenex)  It was explained how a person just off meth, say a person in jail for 30-days, is given one shot of this new drug results in consumption of meth blocked from the user’s brain for a month.  This injection can apparently benefit heroin users too.  Another injection 30-days later does the same thing.  This news was mentioned by President Trump as a major discovery.  For pharmacist and doctors, the number released for the new drug is RFA-DA-19-008.  This reporter has no clue how the number relates, but it’s being passed along.

A major concern over all illegal drugs discussed at the Summit relates to the number of babies born to addicted mothers.  Solutions are being sought to protect new born children.

If there were only a comparable drug to counter the brain damage caused by marijuana!  To date, we have no such chemical-blocking mechanism for THC, which is a delight to pot dealers.  Damage to the brain and body is permanent and never reversed.  As with meth, a mother using pot during pregnancy is damaging the fetus in many ways, which we have covered in previous articles.  If the marijuana industry cared about the next generation they would stop sales, but of course it’s money in their pockets so why should they care?  The “addiction industries” are making many rich.  We already have opioids and caffeine mills (pharmaceutical companies and coffee/soft-drink distributors) to prove profit margins from addictions, so why not add marijuana?

How obvious can it be that a vote by the public, government regulation via politicians, courts or law enforcement cannot solve this issue?  Efforts should be made by every element of society, including churches.  However, it appears we are hooked as a nation.  The quickest way out may be through more drugs like Buprenorphine.

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