Rx Summit #6

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

In Mexico, marijuana is illegal.  Here in the U.S. we are legalizing this horrendous drug quickly due to political pressure and lobbyist wanting to make big money at the expense of our youth.  We are literally experimenting with the brains of our nation; the very thing capitalism is built on.  The vocal enemies of our nation are behind the push to “paint the town green” (with marijuana), and they include George Soros, who has contributed $25-million to convince California’s voters that pot should be legal.

What’s coming to a community in Michigan?  Social consumption clubs, where pot smokers get together to get high.  It’s all in the “playbook” to make THC appear benign.  The plan is to introduce CBD oil, which is worthless for treatment of anything in its pure form, however testing shows the majority of CBD sold contains various THC concentrates to keep buyers coming back and eventually buying the concentrated THC products to relive the high experienced at the beginning.

Dr. Kevin Sabet, founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) made two presentations at the Rx Summit in Atlanta last week.  He told of the same tactics used in the marijuana push as we’ve seen with tobacco a century ago and acceptance of distilled alcohol.  He told of the big tobacco companies moving into marijuana, another addiction-based product, for guaranteed sales.  “There are more people in treatment for marijuana than all other drugs combined,” Sabet told the audience.  The companies named include Phillip Morris, and the new one on the “block” is Juul, a marijuana business from the beginning, craftily enticing youth to vaping with marijuana cartridges minus the smell to hide THC consumption.

“No amount of money will stop marijuana,” Sabet told the Summit attendees.  “We are reliving 1918 when tobacco began adding ingredients to hook you and kill you.  Marijuana is the slow kill,” he said.  “Depression, psychosis, schizophrenia and hallucinations caused by marijuana are making gang violence much worse.”  He asked, “Is alcohol or smoking cigarettes safer now that they’re legal?  What other “prescription” directs you to go to your back yard and plant a weed?  Liquor consumption in Colorado has gone up since marijuana was made legal,” he told the conference.

It’s money, big money that’s pushing pot on Michigan and the nation.

Saben also advised that big marijuana had to change the face of the long-hair hippy to get our modern society to accept it and move control to Wall Street.

A company known as Korova is marketing a candy bar with 1,000mg of THC to make it “kid friendly.” Such potency is aimed at children below age 25 when brains continue development; a time when THC is particularly and grossly dangerous.  Look them up on the Internet for a full picture of what they’re doing.  Oh, one more thing about Korova; they are bringing back “Joe Camel” in the face of a three-eyed cow.

More articles will be offered on the latest information and developments of marijuana sales, yet we all should be aware that cannabis will never be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Be sure you avoid any food product advertised as containing CBD, whether at Hardies or Cracker Barrel.

The Colorado experiment is not a positive one, and Michigan is headed in that direction.  Pot is a public health and safety crisis, and we will lose a generation of we don’t do something about it.  We, the United States, are the first in history to take on a social experiment with a drug.  Rest assured, suffering is coming.

Follow our subsequent articles from the Rx Summit.  If you are serious about learning more about illegal-drug use, sign up for the Rx Summit next year in Nashville, and spread this edition of the Lakeview Area News.  We seem to be one of a very few seriously studying and reporting on this issue.

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