Same Thing, Same Result, Different Name

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton has joined an effort to stop us from talking about “marijuana.” Now, the official name is “cannabis.” Is it the same thing? Of course it is. Here’s their lead paragraph on the issue: “The word “marijuana” plays a controversial role in cannabis culture. Many well-known organizations such as Okland’s Harborside Health Center have publically denounced ‘the M word’ in favor of our favorite plant’s Latinate name, cannabis. Even Salon Magazine, a major press outlet outside of the cannabis industry, published an article titled ‘Is the word ‘Marijuana’ racist?’ last year.”

Increasing heat on the pot/weed industry by science and even Government has proponents dodging the negative information with the name change. In Latin, Spanish or English, cannabis or marijuana, is the same thing. Federal Law uses the English spelling, “marihuana.”

On the Federal front, Michigan’s U.S. Attorney for the Western District (Grand Rapids), Andrew Birge, issued a press release following the conviction of Daniel Travino (47) of Lansing. The conviction on 10 Federal charges came after this would-be drug lord had thousands of plants, and sold his product in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Jackson, Mt. Pleasant and Flint. Federal and State Law was broken through his “Hydro World” operation, which netted him a reported $2.9-million. Travino’s accomplices, Dolores Lopez, Daniel Bachelder and Daniel Corbin, have been sentenced. Corbin (case # 1:18-cr-166) received a 60-month sentence from a judge in Kalamazoo. We have since learned of a planned 100-acre farm near Lansing, organized to specifically grow marijuana, or “cannabis” if you prefer. At up to 5,800 plants per acre, 580,000 plants could be grown on this one farm, which can produce enough weed for every user and addict in the state.

The nation’s top doctor, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, jointly warned last Thursday against the “false perception that marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs.” Adams had previously said there is “no such thing as medical marijuana.” This announcement signals a renewed interest by the Federal Government that pot is not a “state’s right” issue, any more than a state going around the Food and Drug Administration to license any other pharmaceutical or “powerful drug” as local growers call it.

Michigan’s rush to be like Colorado, has gained the attention of Dr. Kevin Sabet, leader of Smart Approaches to Marijuana. Sabet recently notified this reporter of his willingness to travel to Michigan to support efforts to inform citizens who had voted to approve the initiative petition.

“Senseless violence and mass murders are in the news and in the minds of Americans once again,” Carla Lowe (Northern California researcher) wrote. “With the dramatic increase in potency and use of marijuana [cannabis], senseless violent acts are and will become more and more common.” To back her point, these killers are identified on as pot/weed/marijuana/cannabis users: Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City bomber), Jared Loughner (2011, Tucson), James Holmes (Aurora, CO, 2102), Eddie Routh (2013), Noah Harpham (Colorado Springs, 2015), Robert Dear (Planned Parenthood shooter, 11/27/2015), Mohammed Bouhiel (7/14/2016), Satoshi Uematsu (killed 19 in Japan, 7/26/2016), Patrick Kelley (killed 26 in a Texas church 11/5/2017), Salmon Abedi (killed 22 in England, 5/22/2017), and Nikolas Cruz (Parkland, Florida school shooter, 2/14/2018). We’re still waiting for details on the most recent shooters; however such information is difficult since many pathologists believe the “marijuana never killed anybody” lie and do not record toxicology findings that include marijuana/cannabis.

With psychosis, a common result of using THC, we must address marijuana (or cannabis) use after mass killings. Psychosis definition: “a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.”

Reporter’s Note: Yesterday (Wednesday) was the second anniversary of my only child’s death to marijuana. If you have lost a child you understand the pain.

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