Silent Attack Strengthens

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

The current attack on our homeland, intended to take us down, comes from enemy states. Three nations are having a huge impact on our current and future population while some, even in Montcalm County, are supporting the attack under false pretense that “it’s good for us.”

While attending the national High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Conference in Miami, one of the 25 attendees was Jon E. Lopey, Sheriff-Coroner of Siskiyou County, California. At the conference, this reporter had extensive conversations with the Sheriff about the level of drug trafficking in his county. And then, since that in-person visit, communications have led to information about California’s pending demise from the onslaught there. In an email received this week from Sheriff Lopey, he wrote:

“When I attended the Law Enforcement Summit, hosted by our U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott, we were briefed on current challenges within the nation and internationally, insofar as the harmful impacts of illicit and legal drugs are concerned. There is no doubt a major problem is Mexico due to the multi-billion dollar human and drug trafficking industry and the inability or unwillingness of the government to effectively curtail the powerful drug trafficking organizations. President Trump is taking on China, and it’s not just about trade. China has thus far done absolutely nothing to stop the deadly fentanyl that is being imported into the United States. The President has done more than most presidents in recent history to deal with the human trafficking, which is directly related to drug-trafficking organizations operating in our nation from Mexico and other narco states and yes, you can include China.

We have to keep educating the public on the dangers associated with this evil influence on our nation, states and communities.

There are many sponsors of this new version of ‘death and destruction’ and it gets down to power and money. We can stop it being energizing the American people. Big money tried to stop the current President as well, but this far, it has not worked. We still have a good and decent nation with a lot of good people and they have not been totally brainwashed—yet.”

Further communication with presenters at the HIDTA Summit have revealed on-going assaults from George Soros, a Jew who was sympathetic with Hitler, and confiscated property from his own people for the Nazi’s. Another member of the group wrote: “Soros is guilty of treason and sedition. I had an opportunity to pose a question to him personally at a press conference in 2003. [I asked], since drugs are weapons of mass destruction that kill, destroy and inflict enormous harm on Americans, why should you be treated differently than anyone else that finances terrorism? His answer was pathetic, saying drugs keep some parents awake at night worrying about their children, but the war on drugs is worse than the drugs.”

He went on to write; His [Soros] net worth increased from $7-billion to $27-billion during Obama’s reign, so he does have a bit of money. I fear he continues to control drug policy and all those in power. Unfortunately he [Soros] has five kids, one of whom is in charge of Open Society.”

Delusional actions continue to sweep Michigan among locals who believe they are on the brink of making millions, when George Soros, who has money to sweep the industry, along with cartels and mafia, are already establishing operations in our state. One proposed hemp processing facility for SW Michigan, is attempting to raise just short of $7-million to farm 50-acres, with a goal of producing purified CBD, which is selling at a current rate of $2,754 per pound. (source: There is no FDA approval of CBD or cannabis (marijuana); no regulation with only antidotal information driving sales. With dreams of riches and not enough plants to produce CBD for sale, a recent FDA test revealed half of the bottles of oil tested with CBD labels, were actually olive oil.

Who do you trust? Certainly not your want-a-be doctor who knows what gets them high.

Stop the attack. Stop buying the lies or the products.

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