Where’s that Miracle Drug?

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

Joe Tilton

What, the drug some claim can cure cancer can’t stop covid-19? And the astounding part is “medical” marijuana stores are allowed to remain open because there are some (not in the medical industry) believing cannabis is an essential medicine. While nearly every business is shut down, officials are duped into thinking, or actually believing to the point of revising public-health orders, that pot should be available.

Before getting too deep into this very relevant story, an offer is made to offer sources for all this information should you like. Every point is sourced, so we’re not “blowing smoke” (no pun intended) on any point.

We know who’s vulnerable: older adults, sufferers with serious chronic medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, asthma and folks with pneumonia and acute respiratory disease. But what do scientists report relative to this “miracle drug,” marijuana, and Covid-19?

A comprehensive study of the dangers of marijuana smoke by the Hazard Assessment Branch of the California Environmental Protection Agency concluded there is evidence that marijuana smoke is genotoxic, immunosuppressive and can alter endocrine function. Studies of 9-THC and other cannabinoids provide evidence for alterations of multiple cell signaling pathways, in endocrine function, and suppression of the innate and adaptive immune response. Prolonged exposures to marijuana smoke in animals and humans cause proliferative and inflammatory lesions in the lung.

And one of the most serious findings in marijuana research was the effect of marijuana on various immune functions. Cellular immunity is impaired, pulmonary immunity is impaired and impaired ability to fight infection is now documented in humans. This impairment leaves the patient unable to fight certain infections and fatal diseases. The potential for these complications exists in all forms of administration (uses) of marijuana. Habitual smoking of weed has a number of effects on the respiratory and immune systems including alterations in lung function, increased prevalence of acute and chronic bronchitis and airway injury.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine states: We conclude that smoking marijuana, regardless of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content results in a substantially greater respiratory burden of carbon monoxide and tar than smoking a similar quantity of tobacco.

A book called Marihuana and Medicine concludes: Marihuana has been shown to decrease host resistance to bacterial, protozoan and viral infections in experimental animal models and in vitro systems. Recent immune epidemiological studies show how marijuana may also influence outcomes of viral infections [like Covid-19] in humans. And the main ingredient, THC, is immune depressive. That means smoking pot makes your body less capable of resisting Covid-19.

Marijuana smoke is known to included bacteria, molds and fungi. Aspergillus is found on the marijuana plant, and this nasty ingredient can cause allergy-type illnesses to life-threatening generalized infections. Direct fungal spore inhalation happens because heating the buds is not sufficient for sterilization.

Should you think only smoking pot is dangerous, a study by the University of California discovered “medical” marijuana from 20 dispensaries contained multiple fungal and bacterial contaminants that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections among users. Smoking, vaping or inhaling aerosolized marijuana is a serious health risk, especially for people with chronic conditions. This study found Cryptococcus, Mucor and Aspergillus fungi.

U.C. Davis’ study called, “A microbiome assessment of medical marijuana,” Showed how vaping marijuana will hurt your chances of survival if you get Covid-19. In fact ER visits have nearly doubled in states where recreational marijuana has been legalized and marijuana poisoning has doubled compared with the before legalization.

Besides marijuana use causing mental illnesses, including anxiety, psychotic breaks, schizophrenia and aggression, as published by the British Journal of Psychiatry, it is incontrovertible how heavy use of cannabis increases the risk of psychosis.

There’s a very slim chance of being injured by eating at a restaurant, and they’re all closed. Leaving marijuana dispensaries open because it’s a “medicine” is contrary to thousands of scientific studies. While the pandemic is a medical emergency, marijuana use is not going away. What’s worse than a virus-induced and temporary pandemic is a permanent one caused by greed and lies by an industry void of compassion

During this crisis, particularly, it is very unwise to use marijuana in any form and should NOT be used by anyone at risk of getting Covid-19.

A burning question remains; if marijuana is supposed to cure cancer, why can’t it stop a virus?

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