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Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

Who would make it their pleasure to destroy someone? Given the negative mental bend of what seems to be a majority; it’s likely the question causes a name to immediately come to mind. We all know of someone who destroys another’s reputation with gossip, or a person who has committed physical murder. On a broader scale, we think of dastardly names in history such as Hitler, Stalin or Mao, the mass murders of the last century. These men are proof of how some react to personal rejection with fury. A primary example is Hitler, although Stalin killed more than Hitler. The German-democratic socialist believed the structure of the world didn’t suit him, so he set about to destroy it, while bringing along so many of his fellow countryman to perpetrate his hate. We, humanity, have it in us to react to rejection with unbelievable anger. Add mind-altering drugs and delusion to lower-thinking minds and horror erupts on a massive scale.

If you look closely enough, a current-day example of the destroy-the-world mindset is sweeping our nation. The guise of “medicine” is used to create an air of acceptance by society, and the drug of government, money, is an excuse for legalization. What’s happening today is the same as what swept Germany in Hitler’s era, except a different and more dangerous substance is now used to lure potential users into a non-productive, malleable condition, causing dependence above independence.

Hitler’s drugs of choice were cocaine and opiates (opioids). German scientists concocted methamphetamine and began distributing it in 1938. German pilots could stay in the air for hours on meth, but the biggest reason for unleashing it in the population was for mind numbing to carry out what we call “atrocities,” or acceptance of death-camp style killings.

It’s not discussed much, still what Germany did during World War II, was space out on drugs, which made leadership’s actions acceptable in their drugged-out minds. What awful destruction was unleashed on the world by one addicted nation.

Perhaps you saw the video of Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed democratic socialists, say he would legalize marijuana the first day of his presidency. The structure of the United States obviously does not suit him. In the same sense, he is taking pleasure in destroying you who elect to delight in the potential-Federal legalization of cannabis, since psychotic breaks and delusion from pot makes hurting others acceptable through believed lies and deception. What a way to add delusion to foolishness. What better way is there of causing our society to accept betrayal and passiveness to broken trust than to put us all into a psychotic-schizophrenia type break and dependence on uncle Bernie or his type.

Marijuana is the perfect drug for national delusion. First-time use is a lifetime sentence of delusion in some degree, as one professional proved who recently said, “I used when I was a kid and it didn’t hurt me.” Science has proven how the brain, the repository of humanity, is changed in every person using below age 25. Even use over that age erodes IQ and cognitive abilities, as with the truck driver featured in last week’s article who hit a killed a woman while driving impaired with THC in his brain.

Nazi and Welmar governments adopted an attitude of tolerance toward the use of drugs to relieve pain, increase performance and avoid withdrawal. If you had a prescription, you could use most any drug, and the first addicts were Germany’s World War I veterans who used for pain relief. They believed addiction was curable. Drugs were for those with, their words, an “inherent predisposition or weakness.”

Natural feelings of euphoria come from success over difficulties. With overcoming comes a natural supply of dopamine. Triggering euphoric feelings the natural way fuels most of the success we realize as a society, and not artificial-dopamine triggering by smoking weed or using meth, cocaine or heroin.

Will this, the greatest country on earth, ultimately look like post-war Germany, the nation defeated while strung out on drugs, with a delusional attitude of “drugs cure all?” Or, will the world trust us, see us as trustworthy? It’s a honorable character and actions that will put the world, and our nation, back in order.

Can marijuana/cannabis bring us down? Every doctor who was asked that question has answered, “Yes.”


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