Why All the Fuss over Pot?

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

Three major conferences on marijuana, or cannabis as the industry is now calling it, were beneficial, yet it took the fourth one in Lansing to get to the bottom of the issue. All the gatherings were helpful; still it took an observation by Dr. Bertha Madras of Harvard, to ultimately define what cannabis actually does to the brain, body and psyche. This realization brought the impact of this drug to a sensible point of understanding of what it does to us all. We now have the key to open the box and see how shocking pot is to our society.

Dr. Madras (Harvard University) identifies cannabis as the self-delusional drug. Such designation was not mentioned in Miami, Atlanta or Washington, where many doctors presented their findings. Since the self-delusional tag has been attached, other doctors have been asked if they agree, and they do. As consensus grows, what does it mean to us and our society, which is the most advanced in the history of humanity?

Perhaps you too heard “yes” voters last November say, “I don’t use, but it’s harmless. Why not let them get high?” As beings who can bring chaos to order or make things better or worse by words, it’s truth that generates good. As individual sovereignty is realized in western culture as the center of society, we are responsible for decisions we make. There is no withdrawing from responsibility or society. To do so hurts each person and the collective of who we are. Escape through hermit-type living or becoming “wasted” with pot or alcohol brings all one step closer to chaos and loss of our society and way of life. Truth is what makes each of us reliable, of good intent and reputable.  After all it’s competence, not delusion or hiding that brings us to ethical living. We also know and must understand how ethical errors result in horror for those around you. Delusion mixed with distorted ethics equals tyranny and destruction. Whether the structure is family or nation, influence from a delusional leader believing he/she is purveying justice results in hell.

The power of our society depends on you, your vote and influence. When delusion, from whatever source, is injected, society will degrade into totalitarianism. Examples before us now include Venezuela, Cuba, China and Russia.

Dr. Jordan Petersen, a Clinical Psychologist puts it this way; “When individuals who compose a society refuse to bear the responsibility they have for acting as sovereign entities upon which the state is founded, society collapses.”

It’s through this understanding we recognize marijuana/cannabis is the drug that will bring us down. It’s not benign or harmless. Pot is not safe to consume with family members, and not beneficial to the future or building of our nation. Delusion adds “medical” to the name with claims of curing everything. The use for “pain reduction” is proven by research to be false. If pain is what we seek to address, the only way to address it is with meaning and truth. For physical pain; find the source. Eliminating the symptom suppresses the warning, not the cause.

Governments made marihuana illegal for a reason, and the reason wasn’t old wives’ tales, but knowledge of how we cannot afford to lose even one important link in the chain to civility—you.

We’ve given you reasons pot is bad for the brain and body. Now grasp how it’s detrimental to society

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