Why are We doing This? Part II

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

Confusion surrounds belief about the safety of marijuana. Death tolls are mounting, as reported by California and Colorado, yet we have recently learned how Colorado is refusing to allow recent drug-use affects and statistics to be made public. Could it be industry money is involved in the secrecy surrounding devastation in the “narco” state?

Legitimate and long-study research reveals a hard fact about use of marijuana in any form and any purpose. Lower IQ is measured on an average of eight points. In case that doesn’t sound like much, it’s enough to cause lower income for life and place a user in a manual labor and lower social hierarchy.

More than ever, high cognitive functioning is critical. Technology is increasing at a rapid rate. Mundane jobs are being replaced by automation. To maintain a higher-paying job, learning and higher IQ individuals have the best chance to be financially successful. With these facts, perhaps “recreational” or “medical” highs are not worth it. How then, can any government intentionally allow the “dumbing down” of their constituents? Will lower IQ benefit the economy or quality of life in a family or community? Collectively we lose and individuals suffer, thanks to misinformation about marijuana.

The human is born with amazing potential, and we know environment can make one stupid. Why then would a person add to the problem by using THC?

We have proponents of weed who have a vision that nobody should ever be in pain. Chronic pain is hell, and those with continued agony understandably look for relief. For pot users, perceived pain can be physical or mental. Making a person less capable of coping with reality is a horrible price to pay for temporary highs or relief. It was learned at the Rx Summit in Atlanta how science is hurrying to find a non-addictive pain reliever to allow IQ to remain intact. Still, the addictive chemistry or psyche in some people may never be cured. Hence the question: Is marijuana a legitimate answer to chronic pain? From comments by healthcare professionals, over the counter pain relievers are as effective, or more so, than THC. Perhaps pain relief is an excuse for being stoned.

The pot issue is a left versus right, political issue. The political left claims to speak for the dispossessed and has utopian visions. This is the pot-cures-all-ills argument to promote no pain, ever. But, following their premise demands sacrifice. The sacrifice will never be suffered by the group, so the individual will pay. The process is disaster, every time, such as Stalin’s rule over Russia. Within weeks, millions died for the sake of the process. It’s easy to sacrifice an individual’s future for that of the system (party) since the group feels no individual guilt. The problem with left-leaning theories as they pertain to marijuana is the risk of “going off the rails,” resulting in anger with anybody opposing their theory or desire to profit from it.

Political-right thinking promotes the individual over the group. While it appears there is no compassion for the pain-ridden individual, care for each person is at the crux of their thinking. The right opposes sacrificing an individual’s future for the theories of the group. More emphasis is placed on how we treat each other (morals) than utopia for the masses. Individual happiness is their real goal. It’s also understood how life is full of sacrifice, necessary for each person to endure. The future is more important with understanding how sacrifice must be made now for future gain, rather than masking pain of sacrifice with drugs. How does one benefit from struggle if there is none to be realized?

There’s plenty of anger from societal predators selling pot for financial gain. Issues like lower IQ, aggression, psychosis and other problems being exposed cuts into their profits. When the reality of brain damage is introduced, pushers behave like Colorado and hide or suppress such information.

Anything to interfere with advancement of freedom is a bad idea. Addiction, even if it’s for a percentage of weed users, is desired by local dealers, big tobacco and marijuana-based companies interested in forcing users to return, for their profit. Perhaps we can agree; addiction is not freedom, and neither is brain damage or lower achievement.

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