Why are we Doing This?

Posted on November 16, 2022 View all news

By Joe Tilton

We’ve gone mad over a weed.  The craze is sweeping the nation while reasons are avoided.  Oh yes, proponents claim it cures cancer, but the American Cancer Society has yet to be notified.  It’s the snake-oil claim of solving everything without approval by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, as are all other “beneficial” drugs.  Weed is a Schedule 1 drug, with heroin being the only other one in the same category.  Even the Surgeon General declared, “There is no such thing as ‘medical’ marijuana.”

Marijuana is not approved to be dispensed from any pharmacy or even over-the-counter.  Weed is processed using motor oil in houses that can’t be used for commercial food preparation, much less drug preparation.  Results include deaths into the thousands.  Lab results are revealing harsh and dangerous heavy-metal chemicals in weed while some clamor for non-GMO foods. Are we going the way of traffic deaths—that the benefits are worth the losses?  What if it’s your child, grandchild or extended family member who is lost to weed?  Is the benefit worth it then?  What insurance company will insure against death by marijuana?

Where are the questions about pot?  Do we dare ask, “What do we gain and lose from its use in our society?  Do we accept what we know follows use of marijuana?”  Of course we do, but they are being excused for the sake of getting high.  There is a perceived benefit to users and they proudly list how it “helps” them, just as a mother who committed suicide while on pot explained, “It helps me be a better mom, and besides, it’s natural.”

Could the unstated “benefit” be extended escape from responsibility through delay of reality?  Without responsibility there is no freedom.

Another reason for using a mind-altering drug is escaping mental suffering and misery because of perceived victimhood.  If one doesn’t get his desire and can’t stand the guilt of irresponsibility, which denied him his desire, use weed and escape the misery.  Pot adds to the issue by effecting the brain—permanently, extending the misery to cause repeated use. Should the premise be accepted to justly disobeying law we don’t like, the outcome is demolition of order.  Don’t we have enough chaos in society?

Not liking a rule as an excuse for violating Law and using pot, results in violating other laws as well.  Such reasoning leads to crime and imprisonment plus substance addiction and devastating family situations.

Science is the darling of so many who deny God, but science and reason are thrown out where marijuana is concerned.  In spite of mounting evidence of aggression, depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, hallucinations, anxiety, memory loss, perception loss, mental degeneration, slower reaction time, peripheral vision loss, cognitive function and coordination loss, use of weed is vigorously defended by users and the industry.

If pot is so safe, why are laws being enacted to keep it 1,000 feet away from schools and not accessible to people under 21?  A 2016 study in Oregon, estimated 70-percent of the 2017 weed crop would be illegally diverted and sold on the black market; so much for control. Of course, “recreational” use is legal in Oregon.

Read the American Lung Society’s website about health risks before claiming benefits outweigh the risks.  This site includes, “There are other health concerns outside the lungs attributed to marijuana use, including neurological and cognitive effects.  They also cite pediatric (child) poisonings caused by accidental 

 ingestion of edible marijuana products.  Increased tar production is attributed to COPD from pot smoke.

Why are we going around the very systems created for the safety of drugs?  Could it be home-grown marijuana can never meet safety standards?  What local government has the nerve to know more than the FDA and rely on rumor or antidotal evidence for legality?  The same argument has been made in Colorado for “magic mushrooms” and as might be expected, they’re legal there too.  Where do we stop, or when is the reset going to happen to bring order to our society again?

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