Why Pot?

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By Joe Tilton

For we who have no interest in smoking pot or getting high, understanding why others use marihuana is important, or the battle will rage for generations. Two schools of thought come from professionals. One is that using something to alter your mind is a moral issue deserving punishment, while the second sees there’s something wrong in the body chemistry or psyche.

A Canadian Professor, Dr. Jordan Peterson, who is also a Clinical Psychologist, has become very popular on YouTube, plus his packed-house lectures are changing lives for the better. As he speaks, the reasons for pot mania emerge. On the surface, people who get “high” are escaping something—something going wrong in their lives they don’t know how to solve. And since there’s big money in “weed,” which is supposedly a solution to an abnormality, marketing and addiction are used to extend the negative issues and suppress futures.

It’s a hard fact; life is difficult. Most learn to overcome the difficulties to pursue happiness, yet for some who have never been taught how to overcome, what happiness is realized disappears all too soon. The high-priced escape is marihuana. With every escape episode, our society and nation suffers, including families, employment and peace.

A requirement for a happy life is responsibility. Not only are we responsible for our actions, but our role in society. The message to “conduct ourselves so life improves” has, for whatever reason, never arrived or it’s ignored by stoners. Also, you cannot be narrowly selfish and survive, either now or in the future. The trade off; using marihuana to forget momentary unhappiness, is so costly to one’s future and the future of society (including our state), that recovery may take generations, if those future-family members are born. What we distort with pot will come snapping back into reality in ways beyond individual or collective recovery. Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington have found this to be true. Colorado’s citizens now wish they had never legalized pot.

What is our bargain for the future? Who will you be after using pot? What you do today impacts your future. School is an investment in who we will become. What a loss to invest in something destructive to your brain. Who will you be if you damage your mind, reputation or hurt someone else when you reach the aggressive stage? Think you can use pot in secret? Consider; the problems from smoking pot or using THC won’t go away. Effects of pot are not temporary, and neither is a criminal record from actions while high.

Does doing drugs bring order or chaos? How can a drug user aim for something good in their lives and expect to hit the target? And when there’s no aim, life has no meaning, so the pot user turns back to numbing guilt from being self destructive. Does this mean pot can take the meaning of life away? Absolutely. How is there meaning in life by adding depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, memory loss, motor-skill loss, mental degeneration and aggressiveness?

What about “medical” marihuana? We know there’s no such thing as different THC; it’s all the same. Overcoming a perceived medical problem at the cost of success is no fair trade. Work with your doctor to find something else, but for goodness sake, don’t trade your future for perceived momentary pain relief.

Impulsive pleasure never works. Learn what to do when happiness disappears, and it will. Conduct yourself so life improves. Repeat noble actions and things worthy of the amazing gift of life.

Marihuana has never, and never will, accomplish anything good. “The love of money is the root of all evil,” and the sellers are exacting evil on us because they love our money.

Dr. Peterson has a message for the hurts and pains of our time. He’s easily recognized as smarter than the rest of us and speaks truth. We all need to experience his depth of knowledge and wisdom to help us live full lives. 

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