Marihuana Organization Stands Up

Posted on November 17, 2022 View all news

Standing against an angry mama bear is comparable to what you find in Suzanne Elms-Barclay, a Michigan mother who lost her son to suicide following a psychosis episode.  His death was not natural, but brought on after withdrawal from marihuana purchased from a dealer in Lansing.

Now Barclay is fighting back against a huge organization wanting recreational marihuana or “pot” to be legal in the state.  Her efforts won’t bring her son back, but like so many other causes, this victim doesn’t want your family to suffer from the aftermath of pot.

In this series of articles about marihuana, the warning has been sounded about the combination of alcohol and THC, the ingredient in pot that makes one “high.”  Even after warning a Congressman and state officials, who empathize, an attitude of resignation that legalized pot is coming and there’s nothing they can do about it prevails.  Perhaps there’s nothing they can do, however there appears to be no interest in warning users about the combination issue and how it, no doubt, will increase traffic fatalities.  

This “let it happen” passivity is born of a story straight out of the ‘60’s that pot is harmless.  The story is a lie repeated often enough that society believes it.  The same tactic was and is used by the most tyrannical governments in history.  Now Michigan will vote on whether they believe the lie or not with a result that means we are awake to the fake story or buy into the destructive path called “Regulate marihuana like alcohol.”

So we approve the ballot measure in November.  Where are regulations that warn of the 603 drugs (4,276 brand and generic names) that interact with cannabis in any form?  Even if pharmacists are required to give the warnings, are big marihuana dealers required to do the same?  Or, will there be so much money from taxes that it doesn’t matter who lives or dies?  That sounds like tyranny at its base level.

The story about “harmless” marijuana must be changed to include:

• Smoking pot only five (5) times during teen years raises the risk of psychosis.

• Marihuana has been shown to permanently decrease IQ in people who use before age 25 and lower their lifetime earnings.

• Recent pot use impairs performance in cognitive domains of learning, memory and attention.

• Pot can trigger violence in people with PTSD and make the condition worse.

• Marihuana increases the risk of developing schizophrenia and other psychosis.

• And from Colorado statistics, we will see increased traffic fatalities after legalization.

Another frightening reality is that elected officials in Michigan do not enforce legal obligations regarding medical marihuana, so why would we think rules for pot possession and use will be enforced after the vote?

The other part of the ‘60’s story is that THC levels have been dramatically raised.  These plants have been altered to produce what’s called “dab” or “shatter.”  This means plants commercially grown today are very different, and that fact alone changes the story of pot.

Will you buy the story or the facts?  Will you put Michigan’s future in jeopardy, along with our youth, or stop the madness?  It’s your vote.  See you at the polls in November.  Remember David Barclay, the young man who died from withdrawal affects.  And if not David, remember my son who died September 4 from the alcohol/pot combination.

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