Voter Referendum in Greenville being Polled

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Joe Tilton

January 25, 2018

With the medical marihuana issue being decided by residents of Montcalm Township, the decision is likely to be determined in July following the tax-bill mailing. David Overholt, owner of AAA Hydroponics in Sheridan, wants Greenville citizens to get ahead of the public-approval issue and demonstrate that citizens are favorable to medical marihuana dispensaries in their community.

In a text forwarded to Lakeview Area News, we learned that in Greenville, out of 119 voters polled, 94-percent say “yes” to a voter referendum that would put the issue on a ballot. The “no” votes are 6-percent.

In another post, Overholt is reaching out to Grand Rapids residents with the question, “Would you support an organization putting together a voter referendum to allow provisioning centers (dispensaries) in the city limits? If you’re from a surrounding community within Kent County, you may vote in this poll as well but please put in the comments section the community or township you reside in.” In that poll, there are 10 votes with 90-percent “yes” and 10-percent “no.”

The poll is not binding and will be used by Overholt and his organization in an attempt to put the dispensary issue on the ballot, probably in November when the state vote will be held for “recreational” use of marihuana.

Other promotional efforts include radio. On his Facebook site, we find; “Be sure to listen on Tuesday, February 6 from 10 to noon on Public Reality Radio, WPRR-AM, 1680, FM 95.3 and FM 102.5 in the Grand Rapids area, FM 90.1 in the Allegan County area and WPJC-FM 88.3 in Pontiac. Call the show that day to get your questions answered at 616-656-1680. You can also stream the show at;”

A search of the radio station’s website and programs show a strong progressive leaning, although that may or may not reflect the pro-marihuana attitude.

Overholt has offered to bring this reporter on his radio program as a guest in March. These plans are not finalized.

The pro-marihuana group has been vocal about putting up money to assist with replacing Montcalm County Commissioners, an answer to the financial issues being rumored and corrected in this publication. Also, the same group has organized a “Compassion Club” with various activities that include financial contributions to townships for fire equipment and “Blessing Boxes” through the First Congregational Church in Sheridan.

From now until November 6, efforts will increase to convince Michigan voters to vote “yes” on recreational marihuana. While there are no current efforts to sell “pot” (marihuana you smoke) through medical marihuana dispensaries, we have been told that if voters approve and dispensaries are in place, “pot” will be sold from those facilities.

Eight states have given the go-ahead to smoke “pot” for “recreational” purposes and 20 states have made medical marihuana legal. The statewide vote in Michigan was 63-percent in favor of medicinal use of marihuana. Efforts by a group called “Regulate Marihuana like Alcohol” have amassed a war chest that is as high as an estimated $10-million to convince you to be in favor of their plan.

Political analysts indicate the southeastern part of the state, along with northern locations such as Traverse City, will vote “yes” while the rural and mid-Michigan areas are a likely “no” vote. Montcalm County has been a tough area to convince and several setbacks seem to be “bumps in the road” for proponents.

As with Montcalm Township, the decisions are likely to be up to the voters.

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